Times of India Matrimonial Ads Help You Find the Perfect Partner


Marriages are regarded as one of the most important life events in Indian culture. Marriage in Indian culture signifies not only the union of the bride and the groom but also the union of their respective families. Arranged marriages have been the tradition since time immemorial, and great emphasis is placed on finding the perfect partner since marriage is believed to be a sacred and lifelong bond between two people. Very often, the family elders are involved in selecting the perfect partner for the sons and daughters of the family.

Despite the tremendous growth in internet penetration in India in both urban and rural areas, there are still many people unfamiliar with the internet. Their lack of technological knowledge makes newspapers the default choice for them for finding potential brides and grooms.

Matrimonial ads in newspapers are published with the intention of finding suitable prospective brides and grooms based on specific preferences that individuals might have, or, in the case of orthodox families, those that their family or community may have. The Times of India is India’s most widely known English language news daily with an extremely wide reader base across the length and breadth of India.

The Times of India is owned and published by Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. and is the world’s second-largest selling English language daily newspaper. With more than 2.6 million copies in circulation on an average day, The Times of India caters to a wide readership estimated to be around 15 million people. It is widely hailed as the foremost name in English language journalism in India. Comprehensive and cosmopolitan, The Times of India reports on events happening in India and around the world and covers a wide range of other topics ranging from sports, lifestyle, culture, entertainment, business, politics and more.

You can select from a wide range of packages that suit your requirements depending on the particular city edition (or editions) you wish to publish your matrimonial ad in. The basic ad rate is for 5 lines, with the All India package costing Rs.10001, with additional charges for extra text or enhancements. Also, if you book 2 ads, you get 2 ads free. If you book 3 ads, you get 3 ads free.

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