Cost of creating a website in Delhi

Charges of developing a Website

A website had become an important part of businesses of all size and shapes as they are often act as the point of first contact between the consumer and the organization. The cost of setting up a functional website can start at around INR 5000 and can go up to more than a lakh. The main elements of the cost are:

Website designing gaining importance
  • Domain Registration: It is the act of registering the name of the website, it’s to be noted that no two domain names can be the same. For example is an example of a domain name. The cost of domain registration is nominal and is usually priced around INR 550 for a year.
  • Web Hosting: It refers to an external server that actually stores the website, whenever a user is visiting the website; he is doing so by accessing this server. The annual charges of web hosting are same as that of domain registration.
  • Web Design: The main job of a web designer is to make a website look appealing, attractive and interesting to the users. They would also want to ensure the website interface is easy to use, navigate and so on.

    Website Design is vital
  • Web Development: The main difference between web design and web development is that the web developers are mainly concerned with the back-end of the website, i.e. they write the programs and codes which ensures the website is working efficiently.
  • Maintenance Cost: These include the minor tweaks and updates that a website needs after regular intervals. If it’s a small website and the owner has got adequate technological know-how, it is possible to do the maintenance without hiring professionals.

    General website content

The main factor that shoots up the cost of the website development is the web design and web development charges. Some tips to remember when deciding on how much to spend on these two facets are as follows:

  1. If the website being developed is a static website, i.e. a website that is only informative in nature without providing any opportunity for user interaction like giving users an option to post comments or take part in a poll; it is advised to keep web design costs to a minimum as it might be a waste of money.
  2. It is best to hire the same professional team to do both web development and web design as it helps to reduce costs. Though the two facets of website building need separate skills, for all practical purposes the professionals who can do one are quite capable of doing both.
  3. The type of website (e-commerce website, informative static websites) also determines the choice of design and development as the number of visitors they register differs considerably.

    Website should be easy to access across devices

Hence it is ultimately very difficult to give an approximate price range as depending on the organization’s requirements it could vary between a few thousands and a few lakhs based upon the exact requirements of the website developer.

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