How does ReleaseMyAd help you book classified tender ads online?

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Classified ads are immensely popular in India. Over a considerable period of time, classified ads have consistently brought in results for advertisers. Classified advertisements are known to generate vast responses from the masses. For the majority of India’s populace, who can be termed as laymen in terms to advertising, classified ads are unarguably the best advertising platform for the masses. Detailed research indicates that just the top 30 newspapers in India enjoy a cumulative readership of no less than 14.1 crore. There are innumerable other newspapers catering to crores of others who reside in small towns and villages. These numbers speak for themselves, as it proves how popular newspapers are here, and, consequently, so are classified ads.


The classified section of most newspapers, in fact, are the most read section. There are many different categories of classified ads that interest at least one section of the demography. Looking at the classified section of any newspaper, you can have a good look at the various sets of classifieds up for display. For starters, the most common variety of classified ads is matrimonial ads. Matrimonial ads cater to a vast populace who are of marriageable age. Keeping in mind the prevalence of arranged marriages in India, it is not difficult to figure out why matrimonial ads are so popular and garner such vast responses. There are other ads that deal with selling, buying, leasing and renting of property. These ads are of interest to a wide group of people who are relocating from one city to another.

One will also come across notices such as Obituaries and Remembrances. Obituaries, or death notices are issued as a tribute to the deceased, and to inform whose who shared acquaintance with the deceased of the date, time, and location of the memorial service. The other variety of ads is Public Notices, or Tenders.

Tender advertisements are generally issued by the government sector to fulfill certain obligations.Tender ads in newspapers are often employed by the government to invite bids for tender documents from contractors.
The usual Tender or Public notice comprises the following:Online-Notice-Booking-3

  • Nature of Contract’s components
  • Name and Address of Tender Authority
  • Tender Enquiry Date and Serial Number
  • Deadline for Bid Collection
  • Estimated Cost of Tender Documents
  • Minimum amount refunded to Unsuccessful Bidders
  • Deadline for the Submission of Tender Papers
  • Pre-requisites that that the bidders need to qualify for
  • Approximate total cost of work

After coming across these Tenders advertisements, contractors start bidding. The highest bidder who qualifies the pre-set conditions gets the contract.

Tenders and Public Notices are also issued when the Public Sector needs to inform the public of any acquisitions or takeovers when these contracts exceed a particular amount.

The first step in the process of advertising tenders is to frame one. The next step is booking. Booking tender advertisements is relatively easy, considering the ease with which you can book ads online through releaseMyAd. The simple 3-step online process involves selecting the newspaper and consequent editions of the former, followed by composition of the ad, and finally clearing payment via a choice of online and offline methods. If you have any queries or doubts, you can always mail releaseMyAd at, or call on this number: 09830629298.