Book Your Red (93.5) FM Advertisements Through releaseMyAd

Red (93.5) FM is one of India’s most established radio networks. They have carved out a huge name for their brand, and have made their presence felt in 43 cities. Red Fm started broadcasting publicly in the year 2002, and since then, it has been a success after success for this network, which operates on the frequency of 93.5 megahertz. Red FM enjoys huge popularity in the cities of Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and Indore. Red FM has manifested itself as an amazing advertising platform, having carried out a number of extensive radio ad campaigns. To successfully book yourself Red FM advertising slots, you can take the help of releaseMyAd, a radio ad agency. You can conduct the entire process online, which eliminates a lot of hassles one had to encounter otherwise. To start off, visit the Red FM page on the releaseMyAd website. Following that, follow these steps to make your booking process a breeze.
Step 1: Select the destination of your ad campaign
The first step in the process of booking radio spots requires you to choose the city where you want to advertise in from among the 43 cities where Red FM has broadcasting stations. Choose the city of your preference.

Step 2: Choose your media plan
Upon choosing your city, you will be redirected to another page which will present to you 3 different media plans. In brief, the media plans vary as such:

The cost of each plan will also be mentioned on the same page. Choose the plan which suits you the best. You can also customize your own plan, by adjusting the parameters of ad duration and ad frequency. You can boost your ad frequency up to 15 spots per day, and you can extend the duration of your ad to a minute.
Step 3: Evaluate your network options
Upon selection of your media plan, you will be shown a detailed table that displays for you the rates of the other radio stations in that city, for the same media plan that you have chosen for your ad campaign. You have the opportunity to compare these rates with Red FM rates.

 Step 4: Select your broadcast time
Once you have reviewed your options and picked the radio station of your choice, your next step requires you to choose the appropriate time of the day when you want your ad to be broadcasted.

  • Prime Time ( 7am-11am & 5pm-9pm)
  • Throughout the day (7am-10pm)

Prime Time is usually the term given to the time period a station experiences maximum traffic. In India, for radio networks, Prime Time refers to 7am-11am and 5pm-9pm.
Step 5: Choose the dates of your ad campaign
After you have chosen the right time for broadcasting your ads, you will have to choose the dates for your ad campaign. On this page, you can also select the tenure of your campaign. You can also make changes in ad duration and ad frequency if you wish to. Upon confirmation of these parameters, you will be given the choice of choosing the exact dates for your ad campaign. Keep in mind that your booking process and payment must be completed at least 2 days before the proposed dates of your ad campaign.
Step 6: Review booking summary
Once you have chosen the date when you want your ad campaign to start, you will be presented with the final booking summary. You can review the location, radio station, ad tenure, and media plan of your ad campaign.
Step 7: Clear Payment
The final step in your procedure, you can choose from up to 8 different methods of payment. There are a number of online and offline payment options that you can avail of. After clearing this process, your ad campaign is ready to be aired.
This marks the end of the booking process. If you have any queries or problems, feel free to mail us at, or call us on 09830688443.