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Red FM 93.5 , since its inception in 2002, has made huge splashes in the radio industry in India. Red FM’s claim to fame is their round the clock entertainment-filled shows. Red FM operates in over 40 cities, and yet manages to offer unique localized content to all the separate regions where they offer their services. The hard work and effort they have put into programming and designing their shows is commendable. Red FM operates on the 93.5 megahertz frequency. They have also made a niche for themselves as an excellent advertising platform due to a large number of promotional activities and ad campaigns that they have hosted.
Radio Advertising in India is a hugely popular concept due to economic advertising rates and effective results. The radio enjoys a wide reach in India, and a large part of the success of the radio as an advertising platform can be attributed to this aspect. Among the rest, Red FM stands out as the number one advertising option primarily due to the following reasons:

  • Red 93.5 FM covers 43 major cities in India
  • Red FM attracts the youth, who have the potential to make or break a campaign
  • Red FM is among the most economic options for radio advertising in India
  • Red FM offers a variety of region specific localized content for their listeners
  •  All of Red FM’s shows are primarily in Hindi, the most popular language in the country that almost every individual can comprehend and respond to.

The cost of advertising in Red FM depends on a host of factors, like their immense brand presence, the quality of their shows and their wide popularity. Red FM enjoys a lion’s share of their popularity in big cities such as Indore and Pune and metropolitans like Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. For a standard measure of 10 seconds of air-time, advertising rates on Red FM differ from city to city, based on the aforementioned factors.






The ultimate cost of advertising depends on your ad campaign, and other aspects of radio advertising, like ad frequency, ad duration, and ad tenure. Apart from the aforementioned metros, Red FM also broadcasts in the following cities:red fm location map

Red FM is one of the most heard radio stations in India, and choosing this platform to advertise allows you to reach a huge number of people, especially college and school goers. You can choose from a variety of media plans to advertise in through releaseMyAd, a radio ad agency. The plans offered are of 7 days, 15 days and for one month. These packages are based on the base rates. Through releaseMyAd you can avail many more detailed plans based on your needs at the most reasonable prices.You can easily avail our services by writing to us at can also call us on 09830688443.