Where to get Samples for your Economic Times Business Advertisements?

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Booking an ad may have been simplified by online ad booking portals, but composing an advertisement may still be troubling advertisers. Many advertisers, advertise only to promote and hike up their sales, they may be great with numbers, finances, accounts and charting business plans, but not really adept at creating content or copy for an advertisement. Simply because, writing and composing may not come to a businessman as easily as it might to a Copywriter or a Content Writer.

A considerable section of Business industries, take the help of offline ad agencies and pay them a hefty sum of money, simply to buy words and creativity. But, let’s suppose, you do not have the budget for that and still intend to make your Business ad stand out, ‘What should be the course of action for you?’. In this article, we have attempted to solve this simple but frequent problem faced by advertisers with a limited budget, because, one thing must always be remembered, that creativity is the most expensive service rendered in the world.

For your Economic Times Business to Business Advertising, you first need to ensure that your ad content is able to do the talking for you. So it is advisable to use ad Business ad samples which have already been successful in delivering their message.

Under business ads, not only promotional ads but also notices and tenders are involved. In case of such advertisements to be published in the newspaper of your choice, you simply need to follow a set pattern of announcing it to interested parties and vendors, as shown in the Public Notice and Business Tender Sample Ads page.

Cost for advertising in Economic Times

In case of Business Ad samples, you not only need to ensure that the content is appropriate but also that the design and format is proper and attractive enough to draw the attention of the target audiences. For that, you can take the help of online ad design templates which give you a fair idea about the format of the advert and also the help you proceed with the ad composition.

The cost for Business notices in Economic Times is dependent on their size and the page on which they are published. The same is applicable for other Economic Times Business Display ads as well. While advertising in your preferred newspaper, you must know certain facts about it, that’ll help you, compose your Business advertisement effectively.

Facts About Economic Times

  • You can advertise in the main paper as well as the Business supplements like Business by Bids
  • The minimum ad size should be at least 8 cm (length) X 6 cm (width) in case of all editions other that Delhi, for which the minimum size is 8 cm (length) X 4 cm (width)
  • There are extra charges for choosing to publish the ad on the 1st, 3rd and Last page of the Economic Times
  • For Economic Times, all the editions, which are available under Times of India are available for booking

While booking your advertisement in the newspaper of your choice, one thing must be confirmed that it is booked and paid for at least 2-3 days in advance so that your ad is published on time. Also to start the booking of your advertisement, you need to visit the Economic Times Business ad rates  page, choose the ad size and specify the location, compose or upload your ad, confirm the release dates and clear the payment through online or offline payment mediums. In case you need any further help with the ad booking, you can email us at book@releasemyad.com or call us on 09830629298.