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Often, when we are grief-stricken by the death of a loved one, we may end up missing out on certain important tasks such as the release of an obituary advertisement in the popular local or English newspaper. Announcing the Death of a family member or friend along with the Obituary ceremonies are mainly done at the last minute because the whole incident is a sudden change of actions.

We face many issues and confusions in an erratic environment following the death of a near and dear one. There are rarely any initiatives taken specifically suit the requirements of advertisers like you for obituary purposes. But at releaseMyAd, we intend to provide complete empathy and support to all our Advertisers. Therefore, we have provided you with a list of all possible obstructions that can arise for any Obituary Advertiser and presented you with a solution for the same. You just need to figure out the problem faced by you and consult the solution provided by us.

Few key points to be considered while placing an Obituary in any Newspaper:

  • Looking for the Right Newspaper: In a stressful environment, searching and deciding on the right newspaper for placing an Obituary may appear like a very difficult task. But to have an integrated system which can help you decide on the most suitable newspaper suiting your requirement is all that one needs. 

Solution: Keeping this in mind releaseMyAd has designed an Online Newspaper Decider where you can get all the details of the newspapers published in a specific location including its circulation. You can also find all the packages and rates available under those newspapers. You only have to specify the Category as Obituary or Remembrance.release-obituaries-in-any-Indian-newspaper

  • Finding a Quick Booking Option: People are always on a tight schedule during a situation. They have to attend to other family members and friends who are also going through tough time dealing with such a sudden change. In such a case, it is not possible to visit the publications in person, abandoning other responsibilities, in order to get your advert placed in the preferred newspaper. 

Solution: Online booking for publishing newspaper advertisements is the best possible solution for Obituary advertisers. It saves on a lot of harassment, hassle and time, which you can devote to your family during such difficult times. releaseMyAd’s Online Ad Booking Platform has been established with the sole aim of simplifying the entire process of newspaper advertising. You can book your Obituary ad online on your own instantly, with the help of our Ad Booking Tutorial. It provides you with a complete tour of the process of booking your classified advert in any newspaper. 

  • Creating Your Ad: Another obstacle faced by Obituary Advertisers is How to Create or Compose their Ad? It becomes essential to make the Obituary listing stand out for making it reach out to all essential people like distant relatives, other family members, friends, neighbours etc. Obituary ads are also published for notifying the government that the particular person has ceased to dwell among us. We often cannot come up with a way of making the ad as prominent as possible and what could be the content of the ad, how to place it or align, what shall be the format etc.

Solution: releaseMyAd has a special way of helping you with the content of your Obituary ad. We have assigned a Sample Ads page for Obituary, which always has new and updated samples with which you can compose the content of your ad. These ads help classified text advertisers as well as Display Classified Advertisers. You can follow the points given below to make your ad stand out:

  1. Classified Text Advertisers can make use of different ad enhancements which include a tick at the top of the ad, ad borders, making the first line of the ad bold as well as adding colour highlights. This helps the ad in hitting the eyes of the target readers better.
  2. Display classified advertisers can select the coloured ad template rather than the black and white one while creating their advert. You may also make use of images of your deceased loved one as an added highlighter. Often images serve as a reminder to many readers who may have known the deceased person.
  3. Lastly, display advertisers can choose to get their ad published on a prominent page, most preferably, the last page of the newspaper or a pullout dedicated to Obituary Ads.

These are some of the ways under each ad type that can make your ad stand out among the rest and get noticed to the maximum extent possible.

  • Ensuring Instant Release: Most online ad booking portals require you to book your ad at least 2-3 days in advance, even in case of Obituary ads which is another obstacle for advertisers. Advertisers such as you need to book and get the ad released within a period of 24 hrs and online ad booking sites do not allow you to choose immediate dates.


Solution: For obituary advertisers, we have incorporated a special policy for instant booking and release of Obituary adverts in your preferred newspaper. You can now simply call releaseMyAd at 09830629298 and request for an instant Obituary Ad release. But please ensure that you give us at least 24 hrs to process your request as intimating and coordinating with the publications takes time as they too have deadlines. Therefore it is advisable that if you call and book your advertisement by 5pm in the evening of any day then your ad will be surely published in the next morning newspaper or evening tabloid.

  • Opting for a Quick & Convenient Payment Mode: If everything needs to happen instantly then so does the payment for the same. This is the final confirmation for the fact that your ad will be released as per the date intended. Therefore, it needs to be done before the deadline is crossed. Offline payment mediums cause a lot of delay in getting a process which includes making demand drafts, en-cashing cheques, getting cash collected from your office or home etc. 

Solution: Online payment modes and a direct cash deposit are the best solutions for instant and easy payment for online ad booking. releaseMyAd ensures completely safe and secure online payment gateways which strictly follow Internet Safety Protocols. The gateways are handled through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption which is one of the highest and full proof protocols implemented to safeguard Internet Users. We are associated with some of the most trusted banks of India where your funds are transferred when you make a payment. In case of any discrepancy or fault on our end, we extend complete co-operation to all our customers.

Online payment mediums are listed below:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • NEFT (Online Wire Transfer)

In case you intend to book your ad in the next 2-3 days, then you can also avail any of the following offline payment options:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Transfer
  • Cash Collection
  • Demand Draft
  • Cheque Deposits

For any further assistance with the booking of your Obituary, you can email us at or But it is highly advisable that for instant releases, you must call us at 09830629298 or book your ad directly on the website. You can even visit our Obituary Special Frequently Asked Questions Section for direct reference.