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The Indian film arena is gigantic and Cinema offers an ambience conducive to undivided attention of the audience as a result of which, brand influences a relaxed and receptive audience who are in an anticipant state of mind.

Cinema Advertising has the two most important advantage of on-screen Cinema Advertising is low cost of production and high probabilty of influencing the audience.Cinema is the only platform that offers dramatic creative impact on the cinema screen. Audiences can truly relaxed in a darkened auditorium and fully engaged in on screen action, when your Ad paves the way and helps you hit your objective.cinema-ad

ReleaseMyAd, India’s leading online Ad agency proudly announces the launch of ReleaseMyAd Cinema-A unique online platform that allows businesses to advertise on leading theatre brands across India.ReleaseMyAd helps you to take advantage of Cinema Advertising which provides advertisers with novel communication solutions to capture the imagination of cinemagoers on the big screen.We showcase your Ads across all the leading cinema brands including InoxFame, Big Cinemas, Fun Cinemas, Cinemax, Cinepolis, PVR, Cinemarc, Movieplex , Galaxy, Gossip ,Gemini ,Globus, Maratha Mandir, Chandan Cinemas, Rajhans and other premium brands. We book your ads online and place you at the most captivating place where you’d love to be seen in.

We offer creative advertisements and brand promotion solutions for our clients across India at an exciting prices. Our basic objective is to reach more audience to impel the best advertisement optimisation for our clients. We not only book ads across theatres but also generate tailor made creatives at a surprisingly reasonable price.We hold strong ability to work with the client’s creative and tailor to their needs assuring the advertiser that they will striking in the advertising aura, reaffirming that our clients will be notices. We even create slides and jingles for you that can have bewildering results at a very reasonable price.

On-Screen Advertising helps your Ad to be on the Cinema screen during every movie show, seven days a week and holding attention of  the moviegoers .It provide exclusive service of “making it big” for  our clients brand on the big screen in front of engaged moviegoers. Slides are conventional frames like print display ads on-screen, which can be projected with or without Audio effects. The advantage with slides is the budget and is an excellent support medium to other media campaigns.We offer 2 types slide formats-

10 Sec Slide(Mute)-Still Visual Mute Creativity portrayed on the big-screen for a duration of 10 sec in between movies.It is the easiest,convenient and reasonable budget platform to advertise in.

20 Sec Slide (with Audio)-20 second Audio Slide, you can feature the visual creatives of your Advertisement along with a relevant background score or a simple instrumental and easily ensure the focus of the viewers.

ReleaseMyAd  harnesses  the power of cinema and its massive audio-visual effect, allowing your business leverage the power of big banner Bollywood advertising budgets. You can leverage their huge budget by advertising your business on the same theatre screens that the blockbusters play on and that too at only a fraction of the cost!

You can book you cinema advertisement on screen by following 3 step simple process:

1)Visit ReleaseMyAd Cinema-Choose Location,Theatre,Ad type

2)Select the Mall and Auditorium where you want your advertisement.

3)Compose Ad,Select Date and Make payments.

You can visit our View Rates Page and can proceed to book your Cinema On Screen Ads.You can create and book your cinema ads at ReleaseMyAd Cinema with great expert assistance.Also you can directly contact us on 09830688443 and speak to our Business Consultant.You can even email your requirements at