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Indians are a very unique yet diverse community. There are people of different religions and castes who follow different cultures and rituals. Each religion follows a different procedure of dealing and celebrating different events that take place. Even in case of the loss of a loved, we Indian have to follow certain rituals and that too varies from community to community.


“Antim Ardas” which refers to “Antim Sanskar” in Hindi and “Final Rites” in English is the ritual that is performed by Sikhs in India. Like every other human being of every religion, they too need to perform the Funeral for the safe and smooth passage of their loved ones. During such difficult times, we all need our friends and family members to be close to us. Therefore, people often announce the Funeral sessions of their loved ones through newspapers to invite their families and friends.

Delhi is among the most popular regions where “Antim Ardas” ads are released very often. As it has a rich population of Sikhs, it has a number of people publishing last rite announcements in different newspapers. But even while placing an ad for such a ritual, it is very important to know about the well-circulated and highly read newspapers for that specific region.  Knowing about the popular newspapers ensures that your message is well received and reaches out to the right people.

For you convenience, we have put together a list of the top English and Hindi newspapers in which you can publish your Obituary Announcements:

The Top 3 English Newspapers in Delhi, in which you can publish Obituary Adverts are:

Hindustan Times: Hindustan Times is the most widely read and popular newspapers of Delhi, on which people rely not just for the news content but also for advertisement purposes.  The rates and offers for Obituary ads in HT are all provided on the Hindustan Times page of releaseMyAd. You can not only place classified ads but also publish ads with images and logos in the classified display section or you may opt for Display adverts.

Times of India: Times of India is the next best newspaper for Obituary advertising in Delhi. It is the second-most widely read English newspaper of Delhi /NCR and it is also the most widely circulated newspaper in the Capital of India. The Times of India Obituary Ad Rates page enables you to review all the rates and packages for different editions as well as Delhi. You can also view the ad rates for display ads in TOI Obituary section as it has a separate pullout for Obituary ads along with the availability of space in the main newspaper.

The Tribune: Tribune, though popular in Punjab, it is also one of the most sought after newspapers in Delhi, due to the high population of Sikhs and Punjabis in the capital region of India. It is a good medium for reaching out to friends and family members residing, not just in Delhi but also in Punjab, which is the hometown of most Sikhs. You can view the Classified Obituary Ad Rates for Tribune here along with the Display Ad Rates in Tribune’s Special Obituary Pullout, known as Bhog.

The Top 3 Hindi Newspapers Ideal for Obituary Advertising in Delhi is provided below:

Navbharat Times: With a circulation of almost 4.65 lakhs, Navbharat Times, enables you to publish Obituary/Antim Ardas Ads in Hindi and is the most popular Hindi newspaper of Delhi. You can not only review the ad rates for Obituary in NBT but also review the Display ads rates for large newspaper Obituaries.

Amar Ujala: Amar Ujala is another popular option in Delhi as it has a wide reach accompanied by really low ad rates for Hindi as well as English Obituary Ads.  For Display Ads, you can create and design your own ad with the help of the templates or simply upload your own ad design along with the exact dimensions of your ad to be published in Amar Ujala.

Dainik Jagran: Dainik Jagran is Hindi newspaper which is not only popula

r in Delhi but also cross India. It has many editions ensuring maximum reach of your Obituary Advertisement published in Dainik Jagran. In this newspaper too you can release your Display Ads and compose them in Hindi as per your convenience.

While releasing an Obituary in any of the above newspapers through releaseMyAd, you must provide us with the Original Scanned Copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased individual. This is a guideline laid down by the Company as well as the publication. You can email the Document to

*Note: For any ad in Amar Ujala , you need to provide a Copy of the advertiser’s Pan Card to the email provided above. This is a requirement stated by the publication.

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