Guide to Composing an Obituary with images of your Loved ones for Newspapers



When we suffer from the loss of a loved one it becomes very difficult to concentrate and think of a unique Obituary Advertisement which can be published in your preferred newspaper. Apart from knowing about the best newspaper for publishing your advertisement, based on your region, it is also essential to know about How to Compose an Obituary ad.

The purpose of any announcement in the newspaper is to attract maximum attention of the readers. The homage we intend to pay to the lost loved ones should reach out to as many people as possible. Also Obituary ads are more often than not composed in a rush at the last minute, therefore a guide that tells you the A-Z of the Obituary Ad Booking process can be of great help. origin-of-newspaper-advertisingObituary and Remembrance Advertisers.

At first it is essential to know that there can be 3 types of Obituary Advertisements:


Classified Text Obituary:   These are run-on line ads, in which usually important information is provided in a concise manner along with the contact details of a family member, in case of Funeral ceremonies that are to be attended.

For simple text advertisers, there is a way to attract the attention of the readers as well. They can include the ad enhancements provided on the releaseMyAd Compose ad page. These enhancements include ticks, screen borders, colour highlights, letter emboldening and language translation options in case of regional newspapers.


Classified Display Obituary: This is the most common form of Obituary ads as they enable you to upload the image of your loved one and provide the message you intend to convey in your advert. These ads are charged on the basis of their size but they usually occupy just one column and has more of length than breadth. These ads are published under the specific classified section of Obituary, of all newspapers.

Display Obituary: Display Obituaries are not restricted to the classified section and can be published in any page and in any size. These ads are massive ads which often include a lot of creative work in order to attract the attention of the readers.display-obituary-advert

But often, people in a rush, cannot figure out a proper way of composing an Obituary advertisement. Therefore, releaseMyAd provides you with a few simple steps to compose your Obituary Ad with images:

  1. Firstly, get a digital (soft) copy of the image of the deceased person
  2. Ensure that the image is in either .jpeg/.tiff/.eps or .pdf format to avoid any issues at the last moment while uploading the image
  3. When you are in the Compose Ad section, choose the Design Template with the option of uploading an image for Classified Display or Display ad types
  4. As you are in the “Edit Template” section, you can choose an image file of your choice in the upper part of the template where  the option ‘Upload Image’ is specified
  5. After choosing the file, click the upload button so that the image appears in the “Space for Photograph” section of the template
  6. Then you can add your ad matter, information and contact details as well as the edit the colours and content of the header and footer section of the template
  7. At the end, click on the “Preview Ad” button to get a closer look at how the ad will appear in the newspaper
  8. Then you can either ‘edit the ad matter’ if required or proceed to the Dates & Payment page to confirm the release dates and clear the paymenttoi-the-preferred-newspaper-for-obituaries

Some Important points to note about Obituary Ads

  • Please note that the rates for ads with images is same as that of without images, therefore choosing an ad template with the option of uploading an image is always a more viable option.
  • releaseMyAd allows you book only Obituary Ads within 24 hours as they are considered to be emergency advertisements
  • You need to provide us with the scanned copy of the Original Death Certificate of the deceased individual at after the booking of the ad. Without that the ad cannot be processed as per company and publication guidelines.

Some of the top Newspapers in Which Obituary Ads are booked

  • Times of India, predominantly the Mumbai edition has a lot of Obituary Ads booked in it
  • Hindustan Times, Delhi is a close second in case of number of Obituaries that are published on an average
  • The Tribune also is a highly preferred newspaper in which Obituaries are published
  • Punjab Kesri is among the most popular regional (Punjabi) newspapers in which obituaries are published very often

Hoping that the information provided here was of help to you, we request you to either email us at or call us on 09830629298 in case of any confusion or issue faced while booking the ad through our web portal.