How Radio Advertising Helped Ethnicity in Promoting Social Cause across Pune?


Ethnicity, is a place where you can find everything Indian! It is a unique concept, an attempt to go back to our roots and create a niche category of ethnic and fusion wear, handicrafts, jewellery, home décor, accessories and gifts. Future Groups new concept of ‘Ethnicity’ is aimed at providing a space for smaller Indian brands and ethnic products. ethinicity-store

Ethnicity is targeted at the aspiring urban Indian consumer who is looking for exclusive ethnic product-mix during marriages and festivals.

• Ethnicity celebrates Indianness through its diverse designs and products.
• It showcases a wide range of brands from across the country.
• At Ethnicity, one gets the best and the very latest of the Indian ethnic and fusion brands.
• It offers a vast array of products under various categories including fashion, home decor and handicrafts.


Brand awareness – educating Indian women about traditional Indian Handicraft and pull customers towards their brand.

Generate Buzz- social cause with “share some light “ for donating old clothes at Ethnicity store in listener’s city and help less fortunate children suffering from heart ailments.


Research: The major challenge that we analysed was how they can reach out to local Indian customers. Many of their customers are women, so they can easily collaborate through radio to enable reach in a more cost-effective way. The USP of the campaign was it wanted to cater to women and Indians at large to contribute to the social cause as well as remember them as a friend. Our assistance was focussed on placing their ad at the right time, at the right place with right message.ethinic- jewellery

Media planning and Media buying

-Geography: Pune

-Demography: Women between the 18-35 age group

-Radio Station: Radio City

-Language: English

Radio ad duration: A 25 Sec Ad was run for 12 times per day for 15days

Radio ad types: Jingle was aired during the prime time urging people to share and help the underprivileged with their social cause link specification.

-RJ mentions were 1/day for 15 days were added to inform listeners about the cause and requesting them to participate in a big way.

-1 RJ Links was provided to one of their leading store outlets in Pune.

-Associate Sponsorship Plan for 5 sec 6 per day for 15 days was played to increase the campaign impact.

-Ad timing: Target audience everyone living in Pune, Ads were played during prime time ,catering to all categories, from 07:00-12:00, 12:00-17:00 and 17:00-22:00, as this time span captures these time slots experiences the highest listenership base.


A jingle was designed by a co-partner Jingle India based on the ad script provided by our client. The creative jingle was a melodious piece of work directly connecting the event to the audience.

In the contests plan ethinicity store discount vouchers were distributed to the winning callers.

RJ mentions provided details about the cause and requesting participation from the listeners.

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