Book and Design Your Ad Campaign on Power FM Via releaseMyAd


There are numerous radio networks that are available in Kolkata. However, none of these networks are able to provide exclusively localized content for the people of Kolkata. Power 107.8 FM, which is available exclusively in Kolkata, provides specially localized content for this city. Power FM primarily targets the youth of the city; school and college goers, and young professionals. In many ways, the radio station reflects the opinions, attitude and ideologies of the youth of the city, which makes them all the more popular among the youth. Power FM incorporates in their roster a number of interactive talk shows, music shows and many contests which encourage listener engagement.Radio-Commercial
In course of time, Power FM has transformed itself into a versatile advertising medium. There are a number of reasons why advertising in Power 107.8 FM is a great choice. A few of these reasons are:

  • Being based and operational only in Kolkata, Power FM can boast of knowing the people of Kolkata better than any other network.
  • They cater to the youth, but the exciting shows and programs have gained favour beyond their target audience.
  •  They operate in a multilingual fashion, incorporating Bengali, English and Hindi. This makes them popular among all factions of society.
  • Apart from the usual, Power FM also deals in a number of city specific information such as upcoming events, traffic updates and city news.
  • Their content is optimized to keep listeners hooked on for hours while travelling or while engaging in something idle.

Booking your ads on this network is a simple and uncomplicated process. You can book your ads on this network via releaseMyAd’s online booking forum. The step by step procedure can be encapsulated as below:

  • Choose Kolkata as your desired location to advertise
  • Determine specifics pertaining to your ad campaign such as Ad Frequency, Ad Tenure and Ad Duration.
  • Specify where you want to place your ads from an option of placing them in Prime Time, Mid Prime Time and Non Prime Time. Your ads will be broadcast only during either one of these times, or during all these time categories.
  • Provide us with your contact and business details
  • View the advertising rates 
  • You can review and re-design your campaign and customize it in a way you see fit
  • Select the dates for your ad campaign
  • Proceed to clear payment via a host of online and offline methods

Apart from the extremely helpful online booking service, releaseMyAd also provides you with a host of other services that will ultimately aid your ad campaign. These services are:

  •  Media Planning: Keeping in mind your budget, your target audience and your exact requirements, we can design for you a media plan that would maximize the success of your ad campaign.
  • Creative Development: The quality of an ad creative can make or break an ad campaign. No matter how good your product it, if it’s not presented in an appealing manner, people will not respond to it. You can get your creatives developed from releaseMyAd’s partners, Jingles India, who are the authority in jingle production in India.
  • Consulting: Our industry experts at releaseMyAd strive hard to make sure your ad campaign delivers to you an excellent Return on Investment.
    If you encounter any problems, or if you have any queries, you can mail us at, or call us on 09836068426.