Scheduling your Radio Ad Properly For Effective Results


When you choose a medium to advertise your product or service, the only thing that matters is the Return on Investment you get. Isn’t it? Radios have been found to be one of the most cost-effective mediums so far as providing productive returns is concerned. However, it is the reach of the radio stations where you advertise your brand and frequency of your ad on the radio stations that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your advert.

But to your surprise, even if the radio station has an extended reach and your ad has a sufficient frequency, your advert may not work. This is because you might not have selected right time for airing your ad. Scheduling your radio ad properly plays a very vital role in making an advertising campaign effective. In order to ensure you schedule appropriately, you must ensure knowing your products and services well and what kind of market or audience you desire to target.

People listen to radios during different parts of the day. Generally, the adults listen to the airtime media at breakfast, housewives during the day, etc. The time of listening to radio for an average group of people is fixed and hence you must schedule your radio advert accordingly. If you are not very clear about the timings, advertising agencies can assist you in scheduling your radio ads properly.

There are two options that you can choose from for scheduling your radio ads.

  • Run of the Station (ROS) – If you choose this schedule, the stations get your permission to place your ad wherever they find it suitable. They choose a specific time frame for airing your ad during different radio programmes. The result of choosing this type of schedule for your radio ad is whether your ad will be too popular or it will remain unnoticed. This is because the time radio stations choose might be suitable for your target audiences or it might not be.


  • Optimum Effective Schedule (OES) – Scheduling your radio ad using this alternative will give you the complete freedom to run the advertisement at least eight to twelve times a day within the twelve hour period. This, in turn, increases the possibility of the ad to be heard by people on hourly basis, which would ensure one listener listens to it more than once. Through OES, you can be sure of placement of your commercial on the radio stations during the day parts when your ad can actually reach your target audiences.

Try scheduling your radio advert such that one person could hear it at least three times a day. This will ensure he remembers your product and service and could easily recall it as and when required.