Radios – The Eternal Mode of Entertainment


Eternal- EntertainmentIts 8AM in the morning, and its Monday! (How we hate Mondays, after an amazing work-free weekend). For a person driving down to work, Radios on the car stereos are such a bliss!!At the end of a tiring day, Radio is an unbeatable stress buster!

If Radio is such a routine activity how do you think it affects you? Is it just the songs?? Or is it the Radio Jockey who is fun to listen to?? The radio was invented over one hundred years ago, and people still listen to them today proving it to be one of the greatest inventions in time.

Don’t you just rush to adjust the tuning when your favourite song is being played and there is bad reception? An old  track, which you have not heard for years, might just be played on the Radio and bring back all those memories!

Radio Stations have been proven to have an emotional attachment to human beings. It is a mode of advertisement or rather communication which is two way. It’s a place where people can communicate with Radio Jockeys. Many Radio Stations have reportedly had high traffic and innumerable phone calls for Radio Shows that talk about Love, Heartbreaks, Personal issues and much more. Friends have apologized to their friends on Air & Lovers have expressed their feelings. Also, radio listeners have made dedications to parents, teachers, friends and sometimes even the Radio Jockeys!

Radio also provides important information like News and Headlines, which you might not be able to access otherwise when you are on the move. Traffic updates have saved us so much of time by telling us which roads to avoid! An advertisement about the latest products, events, services give us quite a bit of knowledge about where to go shopping, where to avail offers or where to send your children for the best coaching classes.

Radio Stations also have the latest songs which many a times are not available online. Hence you will tune into the Radio Stations and wait for your latest favourite track to come up!!

These factors have made sure that even after the invention of many music gadgets, music applications, Radios remain one of the most favourite modes of entertainment, time and time!

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