Surprise Your Beloved by Wishing On Air


It’s your beloved’s birthday next week. Have you planned anything special for the occasion? Not yet. What about conveying your wishes and love messages on radio? It will be great. Isn’t it?

Girls love surprises. If you are aware of the timings when she listens to radio and what programme she likes the most, you can book the spot in between the same. This is the most trusted method of making your loved ones happy. You can wish her on air and treat her in the most special way. She will not only be amazed by the surprise but by doing this for her, you will make the day, the most memorable one in her life.

C’mon guys show your girlfriend/ spouse that you too have the very sense of romance. 

If you feel that your boyfriend is very unromantic, you might be highly mistaken. If you don’t trust, test it. How many times a day does your boyfriend/husband listen to the audio medium? Choose his favourite programme and book a spot in between to pass your lovely message. See what wonders it does in your relationship. You will automatically realise the increased level of love from his side from that very moment. Guys don’t show, but they too love surprises. Make their day special by airing your love message on Radio.

You can wish your beloved on air on his/her birthday, on your anniversary, on Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion. Whoever you address in your message will surely be delighted to listen to your feelings when you express it in public and accept your relationship in front of everyone. You know your beloved the most and choosing the programme and station where you should air your wishes and messages is easier for you. Christmas

Not only does radio provide you a better platform to air your messages for your loved ones, but there are several programmes where you also get an opportunity to request songs and dedicate it to your beloveds. Love messages are not confined to your life partners or would-be life partners only, but they can be for anyone whom you love. Your message can be for your parents, your friends, your siblings, anyone.

If you desire to convey your love message or wish your beloved on air on any special occasion, you can contact09830688443