Real Estate Developer Owner of Mumbai Up scales his Company and Client base with Newspaper Advertising

A releasemyad client from Real Estate sector

Know our Customer’ is a very special initiative for releaseMyAd.  It is one of the favourite sections of our entire team. This is simply because, “Know our Customer” helps us solve issues faced by our clients, make amends in our system, highlight the strengths and features of a medium of advertising, improve our services and above all communicate on one-to-one basis with our customers. Through this section we understand our customers and attempt to convey that how newspaper as a medium has aided their purpose or need for advertising.

Real Estate development in India is at its peak at present. Many real estate firms and property developing agencies have achieved great success in a very short span of time in this particular field. The owner of MRO Solutions, Mr. Ujjwal S is among such successful real estate business men who have attained a great name for themselves a period of time which is as small as 4 years.  He has established a stable ground and a good name for his organisation within a period, people usually take to even understand a certain business.

Real Estate is the fastest growing Industry in India

He speaks out on how newspaper advertising has aided his business to grow and his journey from simple classified advertising to big budget creative display adverts.

Q. Please tell us about your business?

A. MRO Solutions is mainly a real estate developing firm. We build housing as well as office complexes in places across Maharashtra. We have also expanded into Financial Consulting sector, though our major business is Real Estate oriented.

Q.  What was your marketing objective ?

A. We simply wanted to increase our client base and reach out to as many people as possible. Real Estate is a thriving industry and shelter is something crucial to everyone. Many industrial and offices space requirements are coming up almost every day, especially in Mumbai. Hence the need for property is unending nowadays and the profit margin is quite substantial, so we wanted to be able to make our presence felt by the people who want to invest in property and real estate across Maharashtra.

Q. Who was your target audience?

Target Audience for Real Estate Business

A. MRO is into different kinds of property building which range from economical to lavish apartments, complexes and offices spaces. We wanted to reach out to different segments of the population-upper-middles class, upper class and even corporate officials. But we were more interested in developing property in the Maharashtra region only, so we chose to advertise in Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and other Maharashtra city editions of national or English newspapers as well as in regional newspapers.

Q. What was your experience with newspaper advertising? Would you invest in newspaper advertising again?

A. Well the responses we received varied based on the days we published the ads. On weekdays the responses were limited but on weekends we received more responses than we could manage. At times, people would tell us that they saw our advert on a certain Wednesday but is calling us on a Sunday. As far as we understood, they used to save the contact details or keep the cut-outs with them to get back to us in their free time as people always prefer to have ample time while looking for a property investment.

But we received most of the genuine responses and potential buyers through the newspaper adverts, therefore we still continue to publish newspaper advertisements quite often.

Planning for Property Development

Q. Why did you choose to book a newspaper ad via an online portal like

A. When we began booking ads for the first time, we were into classified advertising as we had a limited budget and online booking of newspaper ads was much more economical and saved a lot of time. Rather than investing in unnecessary hefty commissions for individual third party agents, we preferred to book the ad online. It was fast, convenient and economical then.

Since the business has grown to a much larger proportion now, so has the need for advertising and hence we are into display advertising now. But I guess releaseMyAd doesn’t provide creative help for display ads, so we had to move to an ad agency, which now does all the work necessary-creative, media planning etc.

*Note: To this concern of Mr. Ujjwal S, the response was that, presently releaseMyAd provides expert help for creative display ads. Starting with media planning, ad designing and evrything else, releaseMyAd provides special services such as “Create Myself”-where you can create your own ad with the help of design templates; “Upload Existing”-where you can upload an already designed advert in JPEG/PDF/EPS/TIFF format and lastly “Hire Expert”-to get help in designing your ad as well as help with media planning to get it published in any newsppaer of your choice.

A developed Property

A. It was quite satisfactory. I had booked the ads directly from the website and found it quite easy to use and smooth. The entire process was completed in just a few minutes. Evne the payment was made quite easitly without any hassles.

We are glad to assisit so many businesses grow who also appreciate our services. Its a different feeling to be a silent yet essential part of a renowned business built from scratch. We are extremely thankful to Mr. Ujjwal S for using our services and for giving us so much of his valuable time to successfully complete the survey.

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