Why TOI ad space with only releaseMyAd?


Greetings fellas!

For those of you who are wondering why “Why TOI?” Don’t worry I am not here to bore you all with TOI’s ad campaign. Rather, I am here to share my personal experience with The Times of India. And, being an Indian how can I avoid our favourite hobby of advising. But let us keep that for the later part.

Now recently I accomplished two tasks all thanks to TOI. Objective 1 got my cousin a bride-groom and objective 2 sell a property at let say closer to my expected rate. How did TOI help me in this? I am a lazy person when it comes down to doing such tasks. And definitely, I have no patience of standing in queues meeting several parties and all other socialising stuff just to get a simple task done. Who has got time for that when your whole day is spent with your laptop? I was willing to get those tasks done but on my own terms and “Tada” TOI’s online ad booking service saved the day for me.Ads on Times Classifieds

Yes, you are right all other newspapers (major ones) offer this then what exactly TOI offered me? The answer is:

All your desired things are right there. Easy navigation pane with all the possible classified fields (it’s like the superstore of advertisements) and 24*7 available customer support offering you valued assistance (no sugar-coating over here). Also, you don’t have to worry about the prices. TOI promises better connectivity than its counterparts  with a strong reader base of over seven million people (mostly the business persons) so instead of sticking to your region you can (if you want to) get your ad circulated in the whole province or in multiple provinces. And as I said do not worry about your budget as TOI offers you the most economically feasible package (trust me the really do).

Why trust me? Because I am an equally paranoid person like you are and I believe in the good old concept of “think – Baja k check karna” (no you don’t have to beat any TOI employee). Just pick their newspaper or visit their website. You will find everything that you wanted over there. 

So on your either side you can view:Newspaper Classified Display Ads

  1. Classified text ad
  2. Classified display ads
  3. Display Ad (Dettol)

Now, the real question comes. How to start ad booking? Whom to pay? How to pay? Let me introduce to you the one stop solution to all your questions.Presenting thereleaseMyAd.com and this is how it helps:All you need is a working internet connection (network coverage is essential after all) to book an ad through releaseMyAd.com.

  1. Payments can be made online and offline as well. So you don’t need to stress if you want to book your ad online and make the payment offline. releaseMyAd realises the needs of its clients (They so feel like one of us).
  2. The creative team of releaseMyAd will be in touch constantly until the ad is published successfully. It also guides the client to make correct advertisement choices (trust me you will thank them for one).

So what are you waiting for? You have a job in mind that you need to get done? Visit releaseMyAd and get it done instantly with ease without running here and there at you home at your desired time for your desired locations or even during vacations. You name it you will find it only on releaseMyAd.com. And that’s my recommendation of the day.