Promotions on ABP Ananda increase authenticity of your Brand


ABP Ananda was born in 2015 after the end of “the happy union” between STAR India and Ananda Bazar Patrika. Previously, the channel was Star Ananda. ABP’s expedition into television journalism was reinforced by this change.

The media house of Bengal that has stood the test o f time and credibility over the years reaches over 8 million Bengalis daily in this television venture. This immense reach has made ABP Ananda advertiser’s favourite.

The tagline of “Egiye Thake Egiye Rakhe” promotes ABP Ananda’s vision of staying ahead of the news in order to keep its viewers ahead. This staying ahead means viewers tune into the channel for the latest news. ABP Ananda has created an image for itself that suggests reliable and fast news to the Bengalis.ABP Ananda Advertising

ABP Ananda is the No. 1 Bengali news channel that caters to an audience that comprises of both, men and women in the age groups of 15 to 65.

ABP Ananda serves as a great platform for advertisements owing to its superior reach and credibility amongst the Bengali audiences. The ABP group is known to be advertiser-friendly that easily integrates your brand with their programs.

Their special headline program “Shironaam” often carries a sponsor. Associating the brand with the program repeats your brand message every hour. Programs like “Nojore 9Ta” and “Ghonta Khanek Sange Suman” extracts the essences of news and gives audiences the real facts with analysis. Debates and Election Special News feature heavily on the channel.

The channel’s success has been supported with never seen before innovative formats like Opinion Polls and News of the Telly world for the first time on Bengali TV. “Hoy Ma Noy Bouma” has become a daily source of news from the world of Television Serials in Bengali.

Advertisement on ABP Ananda is a sure shot way to reach your target audiences in Bengal and the Bengali expatriate community worldwide.

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