Why is Zee News the perfect advertising partner for you?

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World is My Family’ is the tagline of Zee News portraying the image of this top Hindi News channel as a news channel with a global stance but attached to its Indian roots. Since its inception in 1999, Zee News has been expanding to reach Indians.

In the past 16 years, the channel has been on a continuous Content Trial to keep its viewers happy. It is this innovation and content mapping which has led the way for the success Zee News. Being among the oldest Hindi news channels on the airwaves also doesn’t harm the brand’s image. If not anything, it lends an air of authenticity and trust to its name. Coupled with Zee’s extensive distribution channels and unique content designed specifically for its viewers, Zee News is known to have reached over a 100 million viewers already.

The channel designs specific shows for the viewer’s niche interests apart from regular news. News from across the nation and the world, entertainment news, discussion panel, and news analysis are all part of this news network. 15 Shahar 15 Reporter is a huge success as it brings news from different parts of India. In this one bulletin, a viewer is expected to get the most happenings in major cities of the nation.Advertising on Zee News Channel

DNA or Daily News & Analysis is another prime time show that discusses every detail of the news for its audiences. From enactments to infographics, Zee News leaves no stone unturned to show the viewers the real picture. Every angle of the big news stories is scrutinized minutely by experts leading to a broad and comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Zee News targets audiences mostly from 18 years onwards. Home-makers and professionals, students and businessmen all find the Zee News content engaging enough for advertisers to queue up for the Zee News advertisement spots.

While Bollywood Breaking finds more resonance with youngsters, Taal Thok Ke an experts’ debate podium attracts people concerned about real issues. Fast and Fact is another evening bulletin that divulges the day’s happenings at a breakneck speed.

Content Trial and Content Mapping has led Zee News to emerge as a victor for News genre. Exciting and vibrant programs like Opinion Polls during elections and Bharat Bhagya Vidhata, a show that discusses India’s potentials and ways to attain them are a direct result of it. Another exciting program is Zara Hatke which is a sneak peek into the lives of the politicians so that the voters get a deeper insight into their character and personality.

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