Keep Playing Ahead on B4U Music to get instant results for your brand


b4u-music-adsB4U Music was born in the year 1999 is the world’s leading television network.This lively channel is popular not only amongst youngsters but also amongst golden agers because of its quality programming.Thus, it is adorned with many prestigious music awards globally.

So if you are the small business owner and looking for ad options at the most reasonable cost then B4U Music is the one for you.releaseMyAd, the television advertising agency of the country has experienced significant results from the ad campaigns that was launched on B4U Music.When it comes to tapping the young crowd at a limited budget then the only best resort is B4U Music be the objective be brand visibility, direct response or to enhance sales.

Here are 5 Reasons why we think you should advertise in B4U Music:

Reach: As per 2015 BARC Reports the channel has the weekly reach of 86,558.
Cost Effective: Despite being dominant channels its national Ad campaigns are charged as low as Rs 1500 per 10 seconds.
Geographical Targeting: Recently the channel has tied up with Amagi to serve its advertisers with geographical targeting options.So if you have a limited budget and want to target a specific region B4U Music is the ultimate solution.Not only do you save cost but also can leverage the brand name for a very reasonable cost.
b4umusic-advertising-optionsCaters to Massive Demographic: The channel strives to entertain its audience with the best tracks of Bollywood and pays special attention to catering all its target audience.Be it pop and remix tracks for Gen Y or romantic melodies for Gen X or classic oldies for baby boomers.It serves all.
Unbeatable Programming: The programming of the channel revolves around 100 percent entertainment to its viewers.Based on their daily viewership insights their programmes are designed to cater to each of its demographic accordingly.For example: For the age group 50+ who are the most prominent listeners early morning it has a show called Awaaz De Kahaan Hai, which features evergreen old classics.

Here are some of the programs that you can advertise on nationally or regionally to grab your audience attention:

Awaaz De Kahaan Hai(Starts at 6 am): It has a mesmerising collection of old classic Bollywood songs which brings in a soothing freshness early morning to its audience who are mostly 50+ aged audiences.The compilation of songs is excellent and it bags to be one of the high TRP shows of the channel.

Morning Masala(Starts at 7 am): The programme features a compilation of latest releases and popular songs of the last two decades.The contemporary Bollywood tracks get a massive young crowd tuned into this show.It is the highest TRP show of the channel.

Bajao(Starts at 12 pm): The show has a compilation of latest and most popular releases.If you have a latest track humming in your mind you won’t miss out on this show.This show caters to a large demographics.

b4umusic-ad-ratesBollywood Bang(Starts at 2 pm): You see there are different stars trending every week, may because of their movies, gossips, and so on. This show gets the hit tracks of these tracks of these trending and favourites celebs(mostly of )Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, etc) to entertain its audience during the afternoon hours.

Boom Box(Starts at 4 pm): This is the most lively section of the day wherein dance tracks from best of club hits are played.This sensational show is a big time favourite of the Gen Y crowd.If you want to launch a western apparel brand, then this the right set of audience that can get you going.

Solid Hits(Starts at 8 pm): The tracks that have won your heart in the past six months are played here.Caters to all demographic.

Star Stop: This programme is basically a promotional platform for movie releases, wherein celebs drop in for an entertaining interview.If you have any special upcoming movie in mind that matches with your audience type then you can advertise in this section to leverage your campaign efficiently.

The best part of all this is that now your favourite media buying destination has it all.You can visit releaseMyAd and instantly choose to book an Ad in B4U Music in 3 simple steps at the lowest rates.For more you can get in touch with us on or 09830688443.