Simply Radio Advertising on Oye FM at lowest cost


The radio plays an irreplaceable part in the life of an average Indian. The radio is everywhere – in the audio systems of cars and buses, in your mobile phone, at the mall, a portable tuner at your local tea shop, to name a few. There are numerous radio networks in India – ones which cater to the different sections and ideologies of people, some focusing on entertainment and fun, while some focusing on social issues and news. No matter what you’re looking for, there will be some radio station or the other catering to it!

One of the most prominent media groups in India, TV Today Network, has a radio station of their own – Oye 104.8 FM. Oye FM generally deals with everything Bollywood, from news to music and everything in between. What makes this network stand out from the rest is their distinctive programming, unique content and the women centric nature of their shows.

Oye 104.8 FM is functional in the following locations:

Amritsar Delhi Jodhpur
Kolkata Mumbai Patiala

A significant presence in the major cities of the country, along with their content, which is relevant in all their locations, has made Oye 104.8 FM one of the most in-demand advertising platforms in the country. Radio ad campaigns in Oye FM have enjoyed great success.

So how does one book ads on Oye 104.8 FM? The answer is simple – Book radio ads online via releaseMyAd’s online booking portal. releaseMyAd is a leading radio advertising agency that allows you to conduct the entire booking process online. The booking process:

  • Visit releaseMyAd’s dedicated Oye 104.8 FM page.
  • Choose which city you would like to advertise in.
  • Select ad length, ad duration, ad frequency and time of day when your ads will be broadcast.
  • Share with us your business and contact details.
  • Upload your ad creative. If you don’t have one, we can create one for you.
  • Select when you would like to start your campaign.
  • Clear via a host of online and offline methods.

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