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Regional language dailies fare rather well in a majority of Indian states. This is due to a variety of reasons – a trust and familiarity associated with the language, a larger portion dedicated to relevant local news, more coverage about their regional affairs are but a few to name. In the state of Kerala, one of the top regional newspapers of the world, Malayala Manorama has been one of the shining examples of how well a regional newspaper can flourish.

Founded over a century ago in 1890, this newspaper had humble beginnings. However, it happens to be the fifth most circulated newspaper in the world, the fourth most circulated newspaper in India, the third most circulated regional language newspaper in India, and the most circulated newspaper in Kerala, and enjoys an estimated readership of 200 lakhs. Not only does this paper cater to the locals of Kerala, but also in numerous other states. Malayala Manorama enjoys circulation in the following states:MM Classifieds

Alappuzha Bangalore Chennai
Delhi Kannur Kochi
Kollam Kottayam Kozhikode
Malappuram Mumbai Palakkad
Pathanamth Thrissur Trivandrum

In Malayalam, the word, “Manorama” means entertainer. Malayala Manorama lives up to their name, sharing with their readers a host of pop culture gossip and reportings, in addition to addressing several matters of local and national significance. Due to the fact that this daily both entertains and informs their readers, the paper is widely read.

Malayala Manorama is a great place to advertise. They have a dedicated classified advertising column, Malayala Manorama Classifieds, under which various different categories of classified ads are filed, such as Matrimonial, Obituary and Property ads.

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