Malayala Manorama Matrimonial Booking On the Internet

Malayala Manorama is Kerala’s No.1 Newspaper Daily. Those looking for Malayali matches within India usually choose this news;paper for releasing their matrimony classifieds.

Matrimonial Advertisement : Matrimonial ads in Malayala Manorama can be placed instantly online at no extra cost via Once you are on the website you can check Manorama ad rates or directly start booking your matrimonial newspaper ad.

Online Matrimonial Booking for Malayala Manorama Newspaper

Matrimonial Ad Rates : You can check the rates for booking marriage classifieds & display classifieds online from our Manorama Matrimonial Rates Page. Choose an edition or package of your liking and proceed with your ad booking.

Mathrubhumi Matrimonial : Mathrubhumi matrimonial is another newspaper that has become popular among matrimonial advertisers. However Malayala Manroama continues to be the first choice since it has wider reach and higher readership.

Composing your matrimonial ad with matrimonial images : Those of you looking to spend some more can book a display classified ad under Manorama matrimonial section. You can add images , designs etc with your classified display ad to ensure you get maximum visibility.

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