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The radio has a certain cultural and traditional significance in India, probably due to the considerably late arrival of the television. Before the large-scale advent of the television in India, the radio was the primary source of entertainment for the masses. The many years as the primary front of entertainment enjoyed by the radio meant that it had successfully cemented a place in the traditions of our previous generations. For many belonging to that era, the evening’s entertainment consisted of fried snacks, tea and the radio.

The radio has more than survived the tremendous popularity of the television and the internet, and continues to thrive all over the country to this day. The radio is not only one of the most sought-after entertainment platforms, but also happens to be a great advertising destination. The radio is one of the biggest advertising platforms in the top Indian metropolitan cities, such as Chennai.

The people of Chennai enjoy listening to top national radio stations like Big FM, Radio City, and Radio Mirchi, top local channels like Suryan FM, Chennai Live and Hello FM as well as top AIR channels such as FM Gold and FM Rainbow. Radio is an immensely popular advertising option in Chennai as well, with a number of top brands choosing to launch radio advertising campaign there.

The best part of radio advertising is the granted ability to efficiently target focus groups due to the popularity of certain shows with certain demographics. This makes advertising a lot simpler. Another factor that further simplifies the process is the facility to book your ads online by availing the services of top radio advertising agency, releaseMyAd. With the help of releaseMyAd, you can successfully launch radio advertising campaigns in Chennai on the radio channels of your choice. Booking radio ads on releaseMyAd’s radio website is easy – just follow these steps:

  • Choose the radio station of your choice, along with other specification such as ad frequency, ad tenure and ad length.
  • Provide your business details, such as your e-mail id, business sector, etc.
  • Preview your customized media plan. If you want to reflect any changes in parameters such as Campaign Duration, Ad Frequency, etc, you can always go back and start again.
  • Choose your ad creative. It can be a voice-over, a short skit, or a jingle. If you do not have a ready ad creative, you can ask releaseMyAd to create one for you.
  • Select the date you would want your campaign to start.
  • Proceed to clear payment via a host of offline and online methods.

The radio is a very popular medium of entertainment for all sections of the society, which makes advertising on the radio a great prospect. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to contact releaseMyAd by calling on 09830629298 or mail us at