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Anandabazar Patrika Display Ads

Founded in 1922, Anandabazar Patrika is India’s Leading Bengali daily and has maintained its reputation since the initial years of its inception. From the publication of its first issue, it has created an impact on the minds of its reader, and has always been noted for the quality of the news articles published, the objectivity and authenticity it has maintained throughout the years. The newspaper is published in Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai under the ownership of the ABP Group of Publications.

Why should you publish your Display Ads in Anandabazar Patrika?

  • Anandabazar can be called the advertiser’s favourite when it comes to newspaper advertising.
  • According to Audit Bureau of Circulation, Anandabazar has got a circulation of more than 6 lakh copies, whereas the readership according to the reports of Indian Readership survey exceeds 58 lakhs.
  • Anandabazar Patrika is the most popular Bengali newspaper across the entire country and is available in e-paper version for those regions where they do not have an edition making it reach out to Bengalis beyond West Bengal and other major metros with a high Bengali population

Thus getting noticed is quite effortless with display advertising in Anandabazar Patrika or its equally popular pullouts.

Patrika:  This pullout contains featured articles on celebrities, famous personas and lifestyle and fashion. Every Saturday, Patrika comes up with a variety of articles and interviews that targets the common man to add some moments of relief amidst the daily heavy news topics

Ananda Plus: A tri-weekly supplement with news articles on and interviews of celebrities of the Bengali film industry. The pullout is published on every alternate day of the week, i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the content is entirely entertainment centric. Sports and Films are cultivated thoroughly in this four page supplement and is quite popular among the teenage and youth, so you know whom to target by advertising in this supplement of ABP.

Ananda Plus- Supplement of Anandabazar Patrika

Chakri Bazaar: This pullout is targeted to the job seekers and enables the release of job vacancies and recruitment display and classified ads. Published every Tuesday, it is an excellent platform for both the job seekers and recruiters with a high chance of relevant responses due to the readers it accesses.

Prostuti: This supplement is published every Monday and is meant to reach out to the teenage readers, particularly who are preparing for their boards or intend to make a career. It is an excellent guide for the teenagers/students who are yet to choose their career streams and are willing to acquire as much information as possible about colleges and universities, professional and general courses through the newspaper. This makes it an ideal medium to advertise your Education institutes, coaching classes and co-curricular coaching institutes.

Rabibashoriyo: A Sunday pullout containing biographical features, with articles on diverse topics. It is one of the much-loved newspaper pullouts for the literature and culture loving Bengalis. It has a comic section and a story segment for kids, called ‘Anandamela’.

Ad Sizes for Anandabazar Patrika Ad

In order to create the maximum impact among its audience, Display Ads is the best option in case of newspaper advertising. The display ad rate, as a rule is proportional to the size of the display ad. For Anandabazar Patrika the minimum size for the display ad size is 4cm (width)  X 4 cm (length) and can be sized, positioned or phrased depending upon the need of the advertiser. The ads can extend to a span of columns and can be customized accordingly. The various ad sizes are:

4cm X 4cm

20cm X 12cm

Half Page ad (33cm X 25cm)

Full Page ad (33cm X 52cm)

Custom size (not less than 4 cm X 4 cm)

Booking Display ads in Anandabazar Patrika newspaper is easy with All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps

  1. Visit our Anandabazar Patrika Display Adbooking page and choose the main paper or the pullout name, ad size and edition
  2. Upload your own Ad or Design your ad with the help of online templates
  3. Confirm the ad release dates and proceed towards the payment for the same. You can pay via our online/offline modes of payment.

As soon as we receive your payment, your Anandabazar Patrika newspaper Display ad will be confirmed. In order to get the rates for advertising in the Anandabazar Patrika display you can directly visit the Anandabazar Patrika and continue with the booking process.

We are happy to help you on anything, regarding the booking of display ad. Just visit the releaseMyAd website or Booking Tutorial section, email us at or call us on 09830629298 for instant help.