The Unknown Truth behind Finding the Ideal Punjabi Matrimonial Match

Punjabi Matrimonial Match Seeking

By Punjabis we do not only refer to those who belong to Punjab but also those who are a part of Sikhism. Punjabis are located in different parts of India and the world. They are considered to be the most fun-loving and big-hearted community among most other Indian communities. They believe in living life king-size which is why they are also one of the most prosperous communities of the country. Punjabis have made their presence conspicuous in almost all spheres of life-business, agriculture, service, food and of course weddings.

Punjabi Marriage Family Get Together

Punjabi weddings are known for their grandeur and lavishness. They have numerous ceremonies that go on for days including Mehndi, Sangeet, Sagai, Wedding and finally Reception. But in case of tying up the knot they are quite conservative in their thoughts and still believe in arranged marriages much more than any other community of our country. They still believe in looking for a matrimonial match for their prospective daughter or son through common sources. With time, the mediums through which they look for matrimonial matches may have evolved but their basic requirements are the same in terms of choosing a life partner for their daughter or son, niece or nephew, younger sister or brother and so on.

Like most other communities, Punjabis also have 3 specific platforms through which they look for matrimonial matches as listed below:

a)      Newspaper Matrimonial Ads

b)      Family Members and Distant Relatives

c)       Online Matrimony Sites

Through a survey done on about 700 Punjabi matrimonial advertisers, we found out the one which is best and most suitable for Punjabi Matrimonial Match seeking.

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We intend to help figure out the most convenient and trustworthy medium for finding the perfect Punjabi matrimonial match. 

Online Matrimony Sites

There are many matrimonial sites that specifically target Punjabi Matrimony match seekers. They help shortlist profiles that belong to prospective matches belonging to the same community. Most people consider this process to be faster and more convenient but there are certain disadvantages involved in finding a matrimonial match through online portals.

Disadvantages of Online Matrimony Sites

  • Most of these matrimony profiles have information which is inflated and are meant to deceive the match seekers which can be a source of potential threat or fraudulent activity
  • Since online matrimonial profile uploading is free in case of most of the sites, anybody and everybody can create their profile and these are of considerably low quality with useless and irrelevant information
  • Many matrimonial match seekers get loads of telephone calls from unnecessary and completely irrelevant suitors which end up becoming a harassment
  • Since internet can be accessed from anywhere and any profile uploaded from any location can be visible to suitors in other locations as well, the process of seeking a Punjabi community specific match becomes quite a hassle

Family Members and Distant Relatives

One of the most common sources of matrimonial match seeking in India, especially among Punjabis is through contacts of family members, cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunts and even friends of senior members of the family. This medium has been in existence since ages and is considered to be a very reliable source since family members are involved. Punjabis being a very closely knit community always believe that one family member or a relative would always think about the welfare of the family. But in spite of this kind of trust, there are still a couple of loopholes in this sort of matrimonial search, as mentioned below:

  • The family member or relative who shortlists the prospective match usually has a biased opinion in favour of the shortlisted suitors which may not be to the liking or choice of the concerned bride or groom
  • The profiles or suitors are quite limited in case of matrimonial match seeking through relatives and family members, limiting the options and choices for the bride or groom
Sangeet-Punjabi Matrimony Celebration

Newspaper Matrimonial Ads

Newspaper ads are the most common source of Matrimonial Match seeking across the whole of India. A huge population of Punjabis are moving onto this medium for seeking out matrimonial suitors. Punjabis may not be avid newspaper lovers but they understand the importance of such a huge and effective form of mass communication.

A newspaper can help eradicate all the issues faced while seeking a matrimonial match through other sources. It can also help access the exact target audience of the match seekers.

For Instance, a Punjabi family residing in Delhi and looking for a Punjabi Matrimonial match in the city itself can opt to advertise in a popular English newspaper like Hindustan Times and a well known Hindi Newspaper of the city, namely Navbharat Times. Apart from this, if they intend to reach out to certain members of the family who are more comfortable in their native language such as grandparents, then they can choose to publish a Punjabi matrimonial ad in a popular Punjabi newspaper of Delhi like Punjab Kesari which has massive reach across the entire city.

Why you should choose Newspaper Matrimonial Advertising?

  • Punjabi Matrimonial ads are categorized as per community, caste or even profession which helps in seeking out the closest profiles or prospective matches
  • Since Newspaper Ads need to be paid for, the odds of coming across fake profiles and inflated personal information is almost completely eliminated
  • Reaching out to a particular region or sect of people also becomes easy as you can choose in which newspaper you intend to advertise and what kind of audience you want to target. You can also choose in which language you want your ad to be published

Although many people still think that placing an ad in a newspaper can be quite a tiring process, as evident from the survey on matrimonial advertisers. They opt for other options in fear of bearing the hassles of booking an ad in a newspaper matrimonial page. But now it is no more a hassle!

Anyone, anywhere can book their ad in a newspaper of their preference instantly through a fast and simple online ad booking portal-releaseMyAd. All you need is a PC, tab, smart phone or a laptop and Internet connectivity. To know how to book an ad through us, you can take the help of our Online Ad Booking Tutorial, or email us at or You can even call us on 09830629298. Our goal is to simplify and eradicate the hassles associated with offline ad booking and enable you to release your personal ads from the comfort of your home or office. You get more answers on Punjabi Matrimonial Match Seeking through newspapers on the Matrimonial FAQ page.