Why Times of India is the best Newspaper for Obituary Advertising in Mumbai?


text-obituary-ad-in-Times-of-India-MumbaiPublishing Obituary ads is quite a common practice in a city like Mumbai, as has been discovered by observing the trend of booking ads by the city inhabitants. The reason behind this is not necessarily the number of deaths that take place in the city is higher than other cities but it is only that Mumbaikars prefer paying homage to their loved lost ones in this manner.

Most Obituary advertisers are in a very delicate state of mind while going through this process. Therefore releaseMyAd intends to take care of all your necessities instantly and easily online, in order to unburden you to the maximum extent possible. Helping you choose the best and most preferred newspaper of the city for your Obituary advertisement is one of the ways to save your time and make the booking hassle-free.

In order to know about the best newspaper for Obituary ads in Mumbai, it is essential to know the circulation and readership details of the newspapers that are circulated in the target city. English newspapers ads are quite popular in the state of Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai as due to its cosmopolitan nature.  The following table suggests all the main newspapers that are highly preferred by readers in Mumbai.


These figures clearly suggest that the most widely circulated and read newspaper in Mumbai is Times of India. It alone has a readership of almost double its immediate competitors.  Times of India has been the favorite of a most Mumbai inhabitants, continuously for the past 5 years at a stretch.

The purpose of Obituary ads is to let maximum people know about how much you regret the loss of your loved and how you intend to pay your tributes and respect to them. Such ads are also relevant in informing other relatives and friends about the different ceremonies that are performed after someone passes away.  Obituary Ads also cover Death Anniversaries, Death Announcements, Memorial Services, Mass & Services, Prayer Meeting, Pet Obituary, Condolences, Remembrances, In Memoriam and more.  


There are 3 different ways in which you can create, design and publish your Obituary, based on the different types of Ads that are published in Times of India as well as other newspapers:

  1. Classified Text – These ads enable you to create only Obituary Text ads which you can highlight with the help of background highlights, ticks, screen borders etc. termed as Ad enhancements. These ads are charged based on the number of lines/words/characters used in the ad matter.
  2. Classified Display – Display classified ads are display ads published in the classified section. These ads are the most preferred ad type of a large number of Obituary advertisers. This is because; you can upload images of your loved ones as well as deliver your personal messages as per your wish. Also you can choose to publish the ad in Black & White or coloured format as well as upload your own ad design.
  3. Display Display Obituary ads are also popular among Obituary Advertisers, especially for those who intend to ad grandeur to their Remembrances, Condolences or Obituary Services. Even for display ads you can take the help of black & white or coloured design templates or simply upload your own ad design.

Note*: Please remember that Display and Display Classified ads are charged as per the size of the advertisement, measured in terms of per sq.cm unit. To get the exact ad price, you must specify the ad size in both ad types.

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