How to Ensure Productive Sale of Your Radio Ads?


If you think your job has ended after making radio your medium of advertisement, you are absolutely wrong. In fact, this is where your job begins. Just choosing a media for advertising your products and services is not enough. You have lot more things to arrange to sell your radio advert. Of course selling radio ads is easier as it is targeted and possesses extended reach. However, in spite of so many benefits; radio sometimes seems to be working slow.

This happens mainly because of the lack of knowledge of the advertisers. Placing the ads at right place and at the right time is very important. If this is not taken due care of, radio advertisements fail to create impact even if they are targeted and have wider reach. To make sure of selling radio ads effectively, following points are strictly required to be taken into consideration:

Understand Time Slots
Once you identify your target audience, you should find out the most effective time of the day to run your ad on radios. Placing your radio ad anywhere at any time is risky. Such campaign is likely to be a failure. Understanding time slots while selling radio ads is one of the most important things to be considered. If your product targets housewives, choosing the afternoon time will be the best, while breakfast will be the right time to reach adults.

Know your Audience
Different radio stations have different types of listeners. Survey properly and find out the stations that your target audiences listen to. In order to make sure your research is fruitful, it is important that you are able to define your target audience. Once you know whom to target, it will be easier for you to choose an appropriate radio station and a proper programme during which your ad should be aired on.


The best way of selling radio ads is through sponsorships. If any brand name is followed by your product name, it automatically gets attention. If your advert is aired on a renowned radio station, it is itself an accomplishment. However, if a brand name is used to sponsor the products and services being advertised, it is an icing on the cake. This is one of the most effective promotions for any product or service being launched in the market.

Mention Ad Specifics
Specify the good points about your products properly and finalize proper placement of the radio ad. The advertising agency knows how to assist you and hence you can also take help from the agency professionals. In case, the product ad is not placed properly, selling radio ads effectively will be quite difficult.

Thus, being an advertiser, you must ensure knowing all the above-mentioned facts to get productive returns on whatever investment you make.