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Advertising companies of Kolkata : Today India is home to thousands of newspaper advertising agencies. Anyone planning to release newspaper ads can find classified agent offices scattered across Alipur, Jadavpur, Salt Lake, Behala, Esplanade,Dum Dum & other parts of Kolkata. These ad agencies link advertisers to newspaper publications in exchange of a stipulated commission.

List of ad agencies in Kolkata : However the abundance of classified agents often leaves a client befuddled. Advertisers in Kolkata complain about the dearth of dependable newspaper classified advertising agencies in West Bengal. These agencies either fail to provide transparent newspaper ad rates or ask for additional commissions while accepting bookings for Anandabazar PatrikaTimes Of India .

INS Accredited Agencies : Indian Newspaper Society administers operations of press publications and newspaper advertising agencies of the country. INS monitors advertising related transactions between agencies and publication houses apart from resolving disputes, if any.Therefore it is always better to choose an INS recognized advertising company in Kolkata.

Top ad agency in Kolkata : Thankfully, Kolkata has the best INS accredited newspaper advertising agency of the country in the form of origin-of-newspaper-advertisingThe Telegraph, Sanmarg instantly over the internet.Online booking of ads in Kolkata newspapers through releaseMyAd helps eliminate the middle man concept prevalent in offline advertising mediums. Hence not only does the advertiser get the best deals and discount packages, he also saves money since he is charged according to standard newspaper rate cards.

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2) Unmatched assistance on choosing the right newspapers, edition and special offer packages. Assistance is usually provided over 24×7 Phone / Email / Live Chat Support.

3) Avail creative assistance while composing classified and display classified ads online for  Hindustan Times , Economic Times etc. Choose release dates and clear payments via online (credit/debit/net banking) and offline mediums (cash collection/cheque cash deposit).

Need to know classified and display ad rates in Kolkata newspapers ? Visit our Newspaper Rate Card Page.

Advertising services Kolkata : releaseMyAd provides the best newspaper advertising experience in Kolkata. Visitors may access first hand information ranging newspaper readership to focus days for certain ad categories. First time advertisers can also refer to sample ad matter apart from previewing their ad cost details even while composing the classified for The Statesman, Rajasthan Patrika etc.

Newspaper advertising agencies in Kolkata : In spite of so multiple newspaper advertising agencies in Kolkata, not all of them are authorized. So be careful in choosing the right agencies or you will end up getting duped in the process. Ideally choose an online classified booking agency like releaseMyAd – Official Classified Agents for major newspapers in Kolkata like Ekdin, Business Line etc.

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