The Hindu- The Destination of Print Advertising

The Hindu Advertisement

Launched as a weekly newspaper in 1878, The Hindu has now become one of India’s leading dailies in the English language.  With its main office in Chennai, The Hindu is the most popular English newspaper of the southern part of India, especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Unlike most newspapers, which tend to incline towards a particular political view, The Hindu is revered for its neutrality, honest and unbiased standards of reporting news. It maintains a fair viewpoint and therefore attracts more and more readers.

Advertising in The Hindu:

As mentioned earlier, The Hindu is quite different from the other newspapers.

  • Where most of the tabloids are concerned about commercializing their paper, The Hindu still strives to engage its loyal readers with serious content.
  • While most other newspapers are filled with ads by big brands and companies, The Hindu gives every company a chance to post ads, irrespective of their magnitude or status in the market.
  • The most important reason to advertise with The Hindu is its fabulous reputation among the readers. It has steadfastly maintained a stronghold on the market ever since its inception. It has not only multiplied in terms of readership but has also improved its content quality over the years. Therefore customers would obviously find the advertisements in The Hindu extremely trustworthy.

Naturally, advertisers want to post their ads in The Hindu as they realise that its reach is immense and will benefit them largely.

Types of ads posted in The Hindu:

A national newspaper like The Hindu obviously has the provision of all sorts of ads to be posted in it. Starting from booking classified ads in The Hindu, you can also book display ads for your company. However, before you place your ad, you must gloss over all the prices mentioned for each type of ad in The Hindu advertising rate card. If you are wondering where you will find a well-prepared rate card without any hidden costs, look no further than Having served many clients successfully in the field of print advertising, releaseMyAd knows exactly what its clients want. The categories under which The Hindu classified ads can be booked is:

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