Why is Hindu considered to be the best medium for classified and display advertising in South India?


The Hindu has been a part of Chennai’s chief media channels since 1878, the year when it was established. Headquartered at Chennai, the newspaper has always been gaining popularity ever since it set foot in the print media. The newspaper began as weekly broadsheet, which went through the transformation of becoming a tri-weekly one, due to lack of funds. But later on in 1889 with the help of the funds provided by a Maharaja ruling Madras during this period, the newspaper became an evening daily.advertising-in-the-hindu The Hindu was started as a platform for protest against the discrimination by the British as well as Anglo-Indian society on the Hindus of south India.  The name of the newspaper was inspired by the section it supported at that time and this is one of the reasons why people in the southern part of India have an emotional connect with the newspaper.

Initially the newspaper was running in losses and had to indulge into classified advertising on the front page and a number of other pages at the back of the newspaper. This resulted in compromising on the content and quality of news which was reported to the pre-independence audience. But the external funds helped the Hindu a great deal in creating a name for this now popular broadsheet as one if the best newspapers in terms of news and quality of reporting.  The newspaper came to be owned by the Kasturi & Sons and is run by generations of a particular family.

From here on it has come to the position of being the 3rd most widely read English daily of India and has managed to establish a very strong hold on the South Indian market. The Hindu is the first preference for readers as well as advertisers across the entire south Indian region, for all categori0es of advertising. It has acquired an indomitable name and fame as the newspaper with the best and most honest representation and deliverance of news. This is one of the reasons that makes it a favourite of the advertisers as it is a favourite of the readers. The main aim of the advertiser is to reach out to maximum audience within their target region.

Other factors that contribute to the popularity of the Hindu as a Classified and Display newspaper Advertising medium are its reach (many editions in South India), massive readership and circulation. The Hindu is available in multiple locations as mentioned in the list below. You can publish your matrimonial, recruitment, property, business, announcement, obituary etc. ads in any of the following editions of Hindu:

Hindu-favourite-of-south-IndiansThese editions are a proof of the wide reach of The Hindu since it covers all important cities of India and especially the southern part of India. There is also a Tamil version of the Hindu, in which you can place ads in Tamil alongside the Tamil news content. Apart from its wide reach the numbers that attract the advertisers to Hindu are it large readership and its circulation figures. The Hindu has acquired an average readership of more than 22.58 lakhs according to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) everyday, of which Chennai alone maintains a readership of 5.4 lakhs. It has grown to a circulation figure of 14.6 lakhs across the entire country with its highest figure being 4.18 lakhs. As a result of such high reach and access of Hindu within the southern region including Chennai which is the base camp of this publication. Even you can be promote yourself or fulfil your advertising requirements by advertising in The Hindu. For a quick and reliable booking source, you can log on to releaseMyAd@The Hindu and begin your ad booking process instantly!! For any more queries or help with booking ads in Hindu, simply email us at book@releasemyad.com in case of classified ads and classified display ads. In case of Display ads, you can email our Hindu Display Advertising Expert at nandita@releasemyad.com. You can even directly call us at 09830629298.