Misplaced a share certificate? Book a loss of share certificate advertisement!


When a company issues shares in the market and people purchase the shares, they are issued a document called a share certificate. This share certificate serves two purposes, namely as a proof of purchase of the shares and also as a proof of ownership of the shares of the company which have been purchased. This document is a certification of registered ownership of shares from a specific date.

Companies issue share certificate notices when they announce decisions pertaining to their share capital, such as an issue of shares, a further issue of shares, a buyback of shares or a dividend payout.

public notice in newspaper for loss of share certificate

For shareholders, share certificates are extremely important documents as they are worth a fraction of a company’s share capital and they signify ownership of that specific portion of the company’s capital. Share certificates typically contain the following information: 

  • The name and registration number of the company
  • The certificate number
  • The name of the shareholder
  • The address of the shareholder
  • The number of shares owned by the shareholder
  • The class of shares
  • The date of issue of the shares
  • The amount paid (or treated as paid) on the shares

Therefore, share certificates are highly valuable as they are proof of investment in a company. They contain important information and they are legally enforceable documents in a court of law.  

Sometimes, it may so happen that a person who owns a share certificate may lose or misplace it. In such a situation, the owner feels stressed and undergoes tremendous tension. In order to successfully obtain a duplicate share certificate, the owner needs to file an FIR and publish a loss of share certificate advertisement in a newspaper. Such an advertisement must state that share certificates have been lost or misplaced so that the issue of duplicate share certificates can be facilitated.

Publishing a newspaper advertisement for lost certificates fulfils a legal requirement as it is a genuine and bonafide declaration of loss of share certificates. It informs the public as well as the company that the share certificates have been misplaced. 

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