Now You Can place a Digital Ad on Aajtak app via releaseMyAd!


We all like to stay updated with the latest news in our country. In the age of smartphones, people have very much shifted from viewing their favourite news channel on tv to viewing it on a mobile app.

Aaj Tak is one of the oldest and most-watched Hindi news channel in India. Going along the digital India concept they too have come up with an application available on both android and iOs platforms called the Aaj Tak app. Launched in 2001, Aaj Tak is one of the oldest news channels covering both national and international news. With the new app version, people can get the latest breaking stories, news alerts, national news, international news, local-news, news from states, sports news, Bollywood News, news from politics, and many more on the go in their smartphones.

Advertise on Aaj Tak App

The app has more than 50 million downloads from play store and with users actively spending at least 10 minutes every day to get updated on the latest news, it is the perfect digital platform to promote your business or product. You can target your ad with user interest, age, gender, and location easily.

Being an old brand trusted by many in the country Aaj Tak provides a sophisticated and broad user base. And when you advertise with releaseMyAd it gets even better as it is India’s largest advertising platform having more than 10 years experience in this industry.

releaseMyAd allows you to advertise a content that is an integration of branded content into the news feed with the option to add video or image or a display ad. You may opt for a logo integration ad to promote your brand or a native card; a bar at the bottom of the ad which redirects users to more information about the brand. Except for this releaseMyAd also gives you two more display ad options to choose from which are Interstitial banner that is a  Full-screen media display ad and Oreo banner Ad appearing on the second card without interrupting the news story.

After you are done choosing your ad type, your campaign can go live in the next 48 hrs. During this time our executives will reach out to you for input specifications like campaign title, brand logo, Ad URL and more to complete the campaign launch. releaseMyAd wants your ad campaign to be flawless and so makes sure you book the advertisement 2 days prior to the launch date of the campaign to get the best out of your digital advertisement.

You can book an ad for Aaj Tak app by following just a few simple steps.

  1. Click on the link
  2. Scroll through and check the ad types you want to select for your campaign.
  3. Submit the enquiry by filling up your contact details so that we can reach you and help you to set up the campaign and provide all the details as per your requirement.

After this, you can also optimize your campaign as you like with the real-time data and live reports provided by releaseMyAd and get the best of your digital ad campaign. If you find your campaign is not up to the mark you can choose to modify the same, which is an option provided by releaseMyAd. If you have further questions and queries about placing a digital advertisement in Aaj Tak app please drop an email to