Reach potential property buyers at their doorstep via DIRECT MAIL

Last month I received a laconic postcard in my mailbox saying, ‘Get a chance to sell your property at the highest of prices.’
It was premeditated in a very exclusive way. The message was very lucid and devoid of any clutter.

Did it just have my attention?
Of course!

I was actually reading the card in spite of the fact that it was an extra mail in my mailbox. But what made me read it? There should be something very likable, something which rolled up my eyeballs.

Well, this is the concept of direct mail marketing. Today we are going to lunge deep into the topic of direct mail marketing and focus particularly on how you can use direct mail to get new leads and grow your business in the real estate sector.

So, what is Direct Mail?
Direct Mail is a platform which enables realtors to send their property information via brochures, penned letters, postcards etc at the doorsteps of their potential buyers. You reach the right buyer set with the right information leading to higher probability of sales. It’s no surprise to hear more marketers are choosing direct mail over other means of promotions. Whether you have a new home development, open house or need to market your real estate services, Direct Mail is the magic wand.

Why Direct Mail for real estate promotions?

Effectively reaching your customers and prospecting clients is essential for a successful real estate career. Direct Mail is crucial to real estate sector in the following ways:

  • Targeted: It empowers real estate agents to target the right set of buyers based on age, income, family size, etc.

  • Timing: Timing of your campaigns is crucial to the success of the mailing. If you have just listed a house, the faster you sell, the faster you get paid and the better you look to the next potential customer.

  • Affordable: It is better to optimize your Ad cost by reaching the people who would be interested in your property rather than promoting it to all.

  • Innovative:  Send property information at doorsteps of potential buyers in the form of brochures, penned letters, postcards, etc. Take them by surprise and grab their attention.

  • Trackable: On mentioning clear Call-To-Actions in the Ad material sent you can expect measure calls, calls, site visitors, offer applications to check the success of the Ad campaign.

Advertising without targeting is like shooting in the dark. While you are aware of your presence, your target customers are clueless. Direct mail allows your business to get the word out and promote its services. For a real estate business, direct mail lets you effectively target both buyers and sellers in a clearly defined, targeted area to generate a consistent flow of leads.

So if you are currently perplexed with the questions such as:

  • What would you like to achieve with your first direct mail campaign?

  • What is your business’s offer?

  • What is the most effective way for your target customers to take action and respond to your offer?

You should start the process of executing a direct mail campaign for the sale of your property via releaseMyAd. We will help you to develop a perfect direct mail campaign for your real estate target audience in the following ways:

  • Select Targeting Criteria and Confirm Buyers List: Be clear on who you are specifically looking for. Select the demographics and geographies you wish to reach. Get a list of buyers with their office and home addresses from releaseMyAd.

  • Send Information to the prospective buyers: Select brochures or letters to the prospects with clear CTA.

  • Track Performance: Measure campaign performance via the number of missed calls, calls, site visitors you receive.

Once your mail piece gets through the door and into the hands of the right audience you can send anything you want.To know call us on 09830688443 or drop an email at, we would love to assist you to prospect the right customer set for your property.