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Each individual on this planet has a unique name by which they are known. With time our name gets associated with many official organisations. So changing one’s name is a major decision and people change their names for several reasons like a woman after marriage changes her surname or if she divorces and remarries, for spelling errors in any documents or certificates, astrology, change in religion and so on. These are the circumstances when people may need a name change ad in the newspaper.

A person who wants to change their old name has to go through few legal formalities in order to bring the new name into effect. You can’t just decide and change your name without giving notification to the concerned authority. That is why name change advertisements in newspapers are necessary. Such ads can be published in national or regional newspapers as per the preference of the advertiser.  Name change ads can be published in two different formats which include both classified text and classified display.Name Change Advertisement

Any name change advertisements in newspapers should be accompanied by a Notarized Affidavit or deed poll duly signed by a gazetted officer to verify the change in the old name. The publication houses ask for these documents before publishing the ad in the newspaper. Name change announcements should be published in at least two newspapers, of which one must be in a regional newspaper.  

The name change ads must include the new and old name along with address and affidavit number of the person whose name has been changed. There is a format that every publication house follows for publishing name change ads so you can get in touch with our executives to help you compose your ad.  

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