Housejoy conquers Delhi and Chandigarh with right advertising


Housejoy Profile

Housejoy is a Bangalore based start-up. It aims to change the way the ‘hyper-local home services’ market works. Housejoy provides services under various categories in ten major cities of the country including its home city. The enterprise spread its wings across the metros of southern India and followed the Western Ghats into the largest cities of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan followed by an entry into the national capital and its neighbouring cities.

The organisation intends to be the one-stop solution for all your home needs. Whether your bedsheets and curtains need a wash or you need a facial, the Housejoy app is sure to send you the best available. They get your laundry done, arrange for drivers, electrician, plumbers, beauticians, fitness gurus and pest control etc. all at the click of a few buttons. They repair your appliances, mobile phones and computers too.

Also, if you are planning to give your home a makeover, you can easily do so with the Housejoy carpenters and painters. Housejoy makes sure to background-check all its personnel so that you can relax and enjoy while they give your house or you a makeover in the confines and comfort of your house.

house-joy-advertising-delhiNeed for Advertisement

Housejoy has been doing brilliantly for itself for the past one year but every time they entered a new market, it took them some time to pick up their pace. Advertising was the natural solution to this dilemma. Housejoy advertised with different ad agencies while launching in southern and western India. But the story didn’t change.

Housejoy comes across releaseMyAd

releaseMyAd is among the best online ad booking portals of India. Being a start-up themselves, they understand the pangs of nurturing one. Moreover, since the agency is based out of Kolkata and slowly has spread its network across all major cities of the country, it had faced fairly similar scenarios as Housejoy. When the releaseMyAd representatives met the Housejoy team, the partnership was sure to click.

Housejoy was planning to launch in Delhi and Chandigarh when they came on board.

Our Research

Every market is unique and it is imperative to understand the intrinsic details of every market before embarking on any ad campaigns. The releaseMyAd team is well aware of this scenario and thus dug into the target groups for Housejoy before the start of the campaign. Our team first identified the target audiences and then, found the most cost-effective ways to reach them.

Target Groups

Housejoy is a service provider and anyone tech-savvy enough to use their app or their website could be their customers. But keeping in mind, their rate of services, our team decided to target the working class population in Delhi and Chandigarh.  These were the people who had to handle several household needs but couldn’t spare much time locating repairmen and helpers, the affluent people who did not mind paying that extra buck for better and easy services.

Choice of Media

As we know every market has its own nooks and crannies so we could not apply the same media platform to reach both the Chandigarh and Delhi markets.

For the Delhi market, we decided to use radio ads as:

  • We knew our target population in Delhi were mostly young professionals, families with teenaged kids, young couples and tech savvy homemakers who are known to spend their leisure time with radio.
  • Also, radio, in general, has its distinct quality, i.e., radio is omnipresent. Wherever the radio is played, all in its vicinity can hear it. In the fast paced life of the national capital, it was imperative that we find a way of advertising which would surely reach our targets while multi-tasking.

And, we wanted the people of Delhi to hear the Housejoy radio ad everywhere.

For the Chandigarh campaign, we used newspaper ads. This is because newspapers have a wide reach and newspaper ads are considered more reliable. Advertising with newspaper ads in Chandigarh was sure to benefit us, as Chandigarh is known for its peaceful life and we knew our Chandigarh targets would love to get back to our newspaper ads.

Media Vehicleshousejoy-chandigarh-ads

We decided to go for the most popular English newspaper The Tribune in Chandigarh. For Delhi, we chose Fever FM and Radio City, both immensely popular with our target groups in the city.


The newspaper ad was designed to grab eyeballs and convey our message. It was a display ad emphasizing on the Housejoy colours. This created a brand image for the company in Chandigarh.

The radio ads were designed to engage the audiences and described how much easier life gets with Housejoy in a city like Delhi. The ads also emphasized the precautionary procedures the company takes for the safety of its clients.

All the ads were in English as our target audiences were sure to be comfortable in the Queen’s Language.

Media Plan

In Chandigarh, we made sure our ad was published in the Sunday Tribune. This gave our target audiences much time to ponder over the Housejoy app. Also, as Sunday is a Holiday, people are more prone to be involved in domestic activities. We were sure the Housejoy app will be put to test giving our clients their first customers in the planned city of Chandigarh.

For Delhi, we distributed our ads in two parts. One was a longer version of 30 seconds; the other was of 20 seconds duration. These ads were played for 20 days in the peak hours, both morning and evening for better effect.


The Delhi launch of Housejoy met with great success from Day 1. Slowly, their site visits and app downloads picked up too. By the time our ad campaign ended in Delhi, Housejoy had several clients in Delhi; much more in the twenty-day period after its launch than any other city before.

The same story repeated for Chandigarh.

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