Place your ad in the best in-flight catalogue, Hello 6E


Headquartered at Gurgaon, India, IndiGo is the biggest budget airline company in India. This airline offers more than 6183 per week, nationally and internationally. What makes this airline so popular, is its rates. It is obvious that the rates for its flights will be low since it is a budget airlines. IndiGo has tactfully understood the working of the aviation market and managed to get the best fares to cater to all kinds of customers. This airline has now become the number 1 airline for the biggest democracy in the world, and has a gigantic market share of 38.4%, as of June 2015. It has also won the best low cost carrier award five years in a row.

hello6e-magazine-adsFor a low cost airline like IndiGo, it is hard to orchestrate any legitimate in-flight magazine or TV screen by the service team. IndiGo manages to offer a brilliant and tastefully designed in flight shopping guide, Hello 6E. This tabloid contains the on board items for sale such as apparel, electronic gadgets and fashion related items. It is a fixed 44 page catalogue which provides the best in-flight entertainment any budget airlines could have. This magazine also prints the menu which has a selection of vegetarian and non vegetarian alternatives, as well as beverages. The magazine also informs fliers about the details of their fleet and various destinations.

This magazine has a circulation of 1,65,000 and readership of 16,00,000, which shows that it is as, if not more, beneficial like any other magazine. The products provided in this catalogue are affordable and empowers the passengers to do shopping even at the height of 30,000 ft, for themselves or their loved ones.

Since Indigo magazine does not have too many pages, it is unable to hold numerous advertising spots. This implies that the opportunity to advertise in Hello 6E is only achieved by those few lucky handpicked advertisers. They get a high recall on their campaign as each advertisement gets more attention than ever before, making this an remarkable platform to place your ads in. The reader’s undivided attention goes to your brand which makes a bigger impact on him. Since Hello 6 has only a limited number of products to sell on their own, advertising your unique product will make it more captivating than the usual items.

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