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the-week-adsThe Week is an Indian weekly news magazine published by the famous Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. The magazine is printed in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kottayam. It is India’s fastest growing General Interest English Magazine (GIEM), with both national and international circulation. The Week has a 200-person editorial team that is led by Sanjaya Baru, and includes well known journalists with sharp minds like AK Bhattacharya, Sunil Jain, and Majumdar.

The magazine believes in free, fair and autonomous news coverage and strives to inculcate these values in their editorial staff. The journalism practiced by The Week lays equal stress on credibility, quality and accuracy. With easy to follow and concise writing, the magazine is on top of its game, beating India Today and Outlook. It is packed with latest news and views with articles relating to current affairs, cinema, global village, art and style, fashion, etc.

With the sheer number of publications in this this fierce competitive world, publishers are compelled to keep their prices low, which has cause them to depend more on advertising revenues. 30% of The Week is reserved for magazines, which is a flawless harmony between news and advertisements. Readers are able to read important news articles as well as flip through the pages, discovering campaigns for various products and services. This gives a great opportunity for the ones who want to place their campaign in this popular weekly.

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The following dimensions can be selected while placing an ad in The Week:

Full page – 26 x 19 cm

Double Spread – 26 x 37 cm

Back Cover – 32 x 24 cm

Inside Front Cover – 32 x 24 cm

Inside Back Cover – 32 x 24 cm

These ads range from 5-10 lakhs, according to the dimensions you choose.

book-the-week-adsTo book ads in this newspaper, follow these steps:

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These ads range from 5-10 lakhs, according to the dimensions you choose. For more information, drop a mail on or call on 09830688443.


Author Bio: Hi! I am Simran Tantia. Finishing my high school in 2014, I started studying in Singapore for my Diploma and Bachelors. I am currently studying Marketing and Tourism from the University of Newcastle, Australia. My keen interest in writing was noticed by releaseMyAd and they gave me the great opportunity to work as their Intern. I thank them for providing me a great learning platform and an unforgettable experience!