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managalam-magazine-advertisementsThe Mangalam Weekly started by Shri M C Varghese in 1969 with a measly circulation of 250 copies. Soon after its release the magazine converted from a monthly to a fortnightly magazine. Within two decades its popularity soared and it was turned into weekly affair when it reached a whopping circulation of 1.5 million. And since then the Mangalam Weekly has never looked back.

The word ‘Mangalam’ literally translates into auspicious and it has proved quite apt for Shri Varghese’s brainchild.

Now published by Mangalam Publishers of Kottayam, the magazine is published in Malayalam and Kannada. The magazine owes its success to the middle class home-makers of the most literate state in India. A women centric magazine it deals with home, gardening, beauty, stitching, marital problems, child rearing etc. Over the years it has changed to include career and work life related issues in its features.

Mangalam Weekly Magazine also features a special column ‘Victims of Cruel Fate’ and raises funds for such victims. It also helps ‘dowry victims’ through this increasing popularity and stature of the magazine. Advertising in Mangalam Weekly is as prestigious as the magazine itself.When your brand appears on Mangalam Weekly not only does it reach more than a million people but the philanthropic attitude of the magazine raises your brand value to the next level. Your brand’s association with this magazine brings your brand ‘goodwill’.

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