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Among the Bengali dailies published all over India, Daily Desher Katha has a footing of its own and that too with a distinctiveness of journalism in Agartala, Tripura. Merely a Bengali daily published outside the state of West Bengal has developed its own identity, having an equal amount of popularity of the English dailies.

Historical Background

Daily Desher Katha was founded in 1979. Influenced by the then ongoing political struggle in the country, the newspaper too had its part of contribution, being a mouthpiece of the Communist Party of India.  Daily Desher Katha has been successful in voicing out the issues in the contemporary political scenario. Thus the newspaper came under the severe attack which was launched on it during the chaotic Congress-TUJS coalition regime.  The way it has overcome the crisis during that period of Emergency is worth mentioning. The newspaper has fought back to build a reputation along with a lot of respect among the people of Tripura.

Daily Desher Katha Now

Even after completing more than thirty years the newspaper has a wide acceptance among the democratic masses of Tripura. Throughout its existence the paper has spread the views and opinions of the Party to the masses of Tripura. Beside the political issues Daily Desher Katha discusses news and events, from all over the world. And along with news articles the newspaper is credible to publish Display and Classified Display Advertisements in the esteemed columns of the newspaper. As a reliable source of information the newspaper has a substantial circulation, and that is the reason why the newspaper becomes a trustworthy medium of advertising.

Advertising in Daily Desher Katha

display ad daily desher katha

In order to create maximum impact among your target audience, placing your ad in the Display Ad format is the best option under newspaper advertising. There are adequate provisions for Daily Desher Katha Display Advertising. But among the Display Ad, the categories are limited to the Public notice and Tenders and Business, along with some Obituaries. Rarely one can see any advertisements of retail or business in Daily Desher Katha. For Classified Advertising in Daily Desher Katha there is very little space allotted as they are published in very less frequency. Even Text Classifieds are rarely published along the esteemed columns of Daily Desher Katha.

Ad Rates in Daily Desher Katha

The Display Ad Rate, as a rule is proportional to the size of the ad and is measured based on per sq. cm unit. The same rule applies for the Classified Displays also.For Daily Desher Katha display ad, the minimum size of the ad should be 4cm (width) X 4 cm (length) which can be customized, positioned or phrased as per the specifications of the advertiser. The ads can extend to a span of columns and printed on the front/back/third/any page of the newspaper. Some of the popular ad sizes are mentioned below:

4cm X 4cm

8cm X 6cm

20cm X 12cm

Half Page ad (33cm X 25cm)

Full Page ad (33cm X 52cm)

Custom size (not less than 4 cm X 4 cm)

Now booking both display and classified ads in Daily Desher Katha is quite easy and quick with releaseMyAd. All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps

1-Visit our Daily Desher Katha Ad booking page, choose the ad type Display, then select the preferred ad category.

2-Upload your own Ad or Create/Design your ad with the help of online templates, ad samples or enhancements

3-Confirm the ad release dates and proceed towards the payment section for the same.

You can pay via our online/offline modes of payment, whichever is more convenient for you. As soon as we receive your payment, the Daily Desher Katha advertisement will be sent for editorial approval, following which it’ll be sent for release on the date(s) scheduled by you.

We are happy to help you with all your newspaper ad booking requirements, be it the ad rates for Daily Desher Katha or the booking process or even sample ads. Just visit the releaseMyAd page for more info or take the help of the Online Ad Booking Tutorial section for booking process assistance, email us at book@releasemyad.com or call us on 09830629298 for an instant and hassle-free release of your advertisement.