Reach out to the People of Goa by advertising in Navprabha

Newspaper ad in Navprabha
Navprabha Newspaper Advertising

A lot of people may be under the incorrect impression that a Marathi daily cannot be as relevant in a state like Goa. But the newspaper Navprabha has proved to be otherwise. Owned and established by the Navhind Papers and Publications in the year 1970, Navprabha is a very popular Marathi daily covering the state of Goa. It has attained the top most position among all the Marathi dailies that are circulated in Goa, which is why it is also one of the most popular platforms for advertising or promotional purposes. To know in details that why one should choose to advertise in Navprabha, refer to the segment below:

Why advertise in Navprabha?

  • First and foremost, huge section of the Konkani population of Goa is also comfortable with Marathi, along with a huge population of Marathi residents in the state, this increases the effectiveness of an placed in a Marathi daily
  • Advertisers can effectively direct the Marathi population of Goa towards the development of loyalty towards your brand name
  • A regional language daily makes it easy for the residents to relate with the brand/product/service, thereby increasing the chances faith in the advertiser
  • Apart from reaching out to a substantial number of Marathi speaking population in Goa, advertisers like you can also reach out to a very specific audience
  • Classified ads in Navprabha can be quite effective and helpful in serving the desired purpose in case of matrimonial and to-rent ads as well as change of name announcements

These are some reasons which convince many advertisers to advertise in a regional newspaper like Navprabha. The next concern for most advertisers is that what are the types of adverts published in the newspaper of their choice.

Ad Types Published in Navprabha

Much like all other Indian newspapers, there are primarily 3 types of newspapers ads in Navprabha, as mentioned below:

Navprabha Display Ad Booking page

Classified Text- These ads are the most basic form of advertising in newspapers and are priced on the basis of the number of words/characters/lines used in the ad matter. They are also referred as run-on line adverts and can be highlighted with the help of ticks/screen borders/colour highlights etc at an additional cost. This ad format is primarily preferred by matrimonial, to-rent, change of name, lost and found and situation wanted advertisers

Classified Display-This ad format is also published in the classified pages of the newspaper but is priced on the basis of the space occupied by the ad, measured in per unit. Images, logos and coloured or black and white templates can be used in case of these ads. Display classified ads are perfect for Obituary, SME Recruitment, Matrimonial and even Individual Property advertisements.

Display Being the most expensive form of newspaper advertising, Display ads are also charged as per the size of the ad in per sq. cm but can be published on any page of the newspaper. Premium charges are applicable for choosing to get your ads published in the Front/Back/Third pages of the newspaper due to the chances of high visibility.

Display ads are also published in most of the supplements of preferred newspapers. But since there are no supplements available for this Marathi daily, all display ads in Navprabha are predominantly published in the main pages.

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How to book an ad in Navprabha?

To get a classified or even a display ad published through releaseMyAd, in your preferred newspaper, you just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

1-Visit the Navprabha Newspaper ad booking page, select the ad type, specify the ad category and then confirm the location of package

2-Then Compose/create/design/upload your ad in the Compose Ad page

3- Confirm the ad release dates and clear the payment for the same through the online or offline payment mediums

Once the payment has been done and received at our end, an invoice is generated automatically and then sent to your email address. If you want to make sure that the ad is released on the dates specified by you, then you simply need to book your ad at least 2-3 days in advance. You can also take the help of our customer care executives by calling us at 09830629298 or emailing us at You can also take the assistance of the Navprabha Question and Answer Forum for getting answers to more queries associated with the newspaper ad booking in the preferred newspaper.