Benefits of Advertising in the Morung Express of Nagaland

Newspaper Ads in Morung Express
Display ad in the Front page of Morung Express

Nagaland-one of the North-eastern states of India, is not exactly a very competitive ground for newspaper publications. But of course the need for news and advertisements is prevalent in this state much like every other part of the country. Therefore, if a newspaper stands out in some way compared to the already existent dailies then its stands at a huge advantage.

This is the case for the popular English daily of Nagaland-The Morung Express. It is the only English daily in the state of Nagaland and is highly popular among the entire educated section of the population of the state. The newspaper is an essential and effective platform for advertisers as it has several benefits attached to it. Among the most important advantages are the supplements of the newspaper, as listed below:

Supplements of the Morung Express

The Morung Express has two special supplements that are published on a weekly basis for adding to the benefit of the advertisers intending to target the English daily readers of the state of Nagaland.

AdBazaarThis pullout is published on Fridays along with the main newspaper and includes only classified and display ads, without any space for any other kind of content. The whole supplement is replete with only advertisements. It is a special tabloid meant to help advertisers with low advertising budgets, promote themselves with the help of classified adverts.

ImpressionsThis too is a very special supplement with a variety of news content associated with art and culture, lifestyle, photography, travel, healthcare etc. Impressions primarily targets people from the wealthy and well-educated section of the state’s population, hence it can be an excellent way to target luxury product and service users.

Why advertise in the Morung Express?

It is always essential to comprehend the reasons behind choosing one newspaper over others for advertisement purposes. So read on to evaluate the reasons to prefer Morung Express to fulfil your advertisement goals in Nagaland.

  • Being the only English daily of the state of Nagaland, advertisers can easily target the cream of the population
  • The newspaper is popular among the youngsters ranging from the age of 25-45 years making it an ideal podium to communicate with the population with the maximum spending power
  • The newspaper being published in English is not limited to only the regional speaking people but can also reach out to the English speaking people in the surrounding areas

Getting your ad published in Morung Express

The Morung Express newspaper Advertising

Ads are published in 3 different formats in the preferred newspaper and can be referred to as the Morung Express Classified Ads to signify classified ads and in case of display ads, they can be referred to as the Morung Express display ads.

Classified Text- Text ads refer to run-on line advertisements which are priced on the basis of the number of lines/characters/words, ad enhancements/highlights used in the ad matter

Classified Display- CD adverts are priced on the basis of the ad size but are published in the classified pages alongside text ads. The measurement is done in per sq. cm unit and images and logos can be used in this ad format

Display- Display ads are measured and priced pretty much the same way as the classified display ads but they can be published on any preferred page with special charges applicable for Front/Back/Third pages

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To solve any further ad booking questions or issues, you can email us at or call us on 09830629298 or visit the Morung Express Question and Answer Forum.