Looking to book a public notice ad in a newspaper? Here’s how it’s done

Public notice and Tender Notice ads
Public notice and Tender Notice ads

Classified advertisements in newspapers have proven to be one of the most effective ways to advertise in India. Due to the short and precise nature of these ads, and the fact that they require no designing capabilities or expertise, they have preserved dominion as the common man’s advertising platform. Classified ads can be broadly categorized into two sub-headings; Text classifieds and Display classifieds. While text classifieds remain one of the most cost effective methods to advertise on a broad scale, display advertisements, despite being considerably more expensive, are quick to catch the attention of readers. Classified ads are among the most versatile methods to publish advertisements.

Classified ads are extremely easy to compose, as there is no need of the advertiser to hire the expertise of a professional designer or a professional copywriter.Online-Notice-Booking-1 Most classified ads contain to the point sentences that indicate business or inform. One of the biggest reasons classified ads have gained immense popularity is because of the wide reach of newspapers in India. A wide reach indicates a larger rate of response. A study indicates that the 25 most read newspapers in India alone cater to a population of 140 million.

There are a number of categories of classified ads in newspapers, which cater to different age groups and sections of society. If you take a glance at the classified sections of the newspaper closest to you, you will come across a variety of ads. For starters, your eyes will inevitably cross matrimonial ads, which are immensely popular in India due to the prevalence of the custom of arranged marriages in India. You will also stumble upon Obituaries and Remembrances. There will also be a wide variety of ads that delve into buying, selling, renting of property. Another very important category of classified ad you will run into is tenders or public notices, which are issued by the Government.

Public notice in newspapers are issued by the Government to inform the public about accepting formal takeover or bids for projects. They are also published in the interest of the Government when they invite bids for large contractual projects. Tenders usually contain a list of necessary prerequisites that bidders need to qualify for. Applications are accepted when the highest bidder who fulfils all the qualifications is finalized upon. Also, all Public Sector purchases and contracts by the government should also be published on newspapers as a method of announcement.

A typical tender or public notice contains the following:Online-Notice-Booking-3
1. Nature of Item/Work enquired for.
2. Name, Address of Tender Authority.
3. Tender Enquiry Date/ Serial Number.
4. The deadline for bid collection and estimated cost of the bid document.
5. Refund amount.
6. Deadline for the submission of tender papers.
7. The prerequisites that the applicants need to qualify.
8. The estimated cost of item/work.

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