Booking an Eenadu classified ad? Look no further than releaseMyAd

In India, classified advertisements have proved to be immensely popular, thanks to their wide reach and the fact that they are so affordable. In most cases, classified ads receive a lot of responses. Classified ads do not require elaborate designs or fancy taglines, they are short and precise, and they mean business. Classified ads generate amazing responses and are a service that is availed by practically anyone. Newspapers classified ads also account for incredible ease of access, as subscribers can refer to any ad at any point of time as long as they have a copy of the newspaper along with them. Ads on the television fail to exhibit this sort of ease of access.

                There is a wide category of classified ads that are published. Among the most popular of classified adeenadu adss are matrimonial ads. With the prevalent tradition of conducting arranged marriages in India, matrimonial ads enjoy huge popularity, and there are many happily married couples who have met each other through matrimonial ads in the classified section of a newspaper. Another popular section of classified ads is job requirement notices, which notify prospective professionals of vacancies in various companies. A huge number of people regularly comb through the job requirements sections. Another prevalent category of classified ads is public notices and tenders. Obituaries and remembrances are also often found in the classified section of a newspaper. Other categories of classifieds include ads that offer to buy, sell, sublet or rent property. There are some ads which fall under the category of missing persons, and some under enquiring to buy or sell used items.

                Eenadu is one of the top Telugu newspapers in India, and the account for the majority of readership in Andhra Pradesh and newly formed Telangana. Eenadu is an initiative by Ramoji Rao, who is an exceptionally well-known figure all around India. In Telugu, Eenadu means ‘today’, and Eenadu has received a lot of positive receptions for their amazing standards of journalism. Although this newspaper faced considerable competition and several challenges due to logistical reasons, the advent of technology meant that troubling times of Eenadu were over. Eenadu classified ads are widely read by a great number of people.

eenadu classifieds

         A daily of unparalleled regional repute, Eenadu has emerged as an excellent platform for advertising. Excellent reach, combined with an amazing reputation and the cost effective nature of classifieds have all contributed to the popularity of this particular daily as an excellent medium for advertising. Booking an ad on this prestigious daily is surprisingly easy, thanks to an initiative by releaseMyAd, an online advertising agency. The special privilege of booking ads online has made life much easier for those looking to advertise through Eenadu Newspaper. Potential advertisers need to follow three simple steps to book an ad, the steps being; first, choose the category of the ad, viz matrimonial, obituary etc; second, compose and customize your ad using preset templates and sample creative models; third and final step incorporates choosing a medium for payment, be it online or offline. After clearing payment, your job is as good as done, as it signifies the completion of the booking procedure.