Placing Name Change Ads in Newspapers: A New Experience with ReleaseMyAd


Have you recently changed your name? Are you finding it difficult to let people know about your new name? Are you looking for the optimal newspaper to place change of name ad? Have you been stumped as to which newspaper would be more relevant for you? ReleaseMyAd will not only help you find the proper newspaper for you to publish your ad, but also enable you a swift hassle-free booking via its online booking portal, that is accessible to you from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. A change of name is undoubtedly a massive transformation in anybody’s life. While some change their names because of matrimonial reasons, others modify it for numerological reasons or to rectify a wrong spelling. However, people mostly change their names because they believe changing a name can change their future and sometimes, it is indeed true. The main problem is however to let your near and dear ones know about your relocation and legalise your present name. This problem can be deftly remedied with a proper announcement ad in the classifieds section of any newspaper of your choice. Since verification of your present name involves a legal procedure, the corresponding newspaper ad can only be booked with a proper show of necessary documents, the affidavits and notarised papers.

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To place the change of name newspaper ad, you must choose the proper newspaper. Choosing which newspaper would be pertinent to your use is a decision that only you can make for yourself. It normally depends on your circle of acquaintances and where the majority of them live and the language they speak. So if most people you know speak Bengali, it is of no point to publish our name change ad in Times of India. However on the other hand, if maximum people who know you read English dailies, it is wiser to place your change of name advert in The Times of India or The Telegraph or Hindustan Times, according to your choice and discretion. So this is a wise decision for you to make.

ReleaseMyAd can assist you in composing the ad and make the process easier for you; you deserve it after the whole ordeal you had to go through in changing your name. We promote speedy delivery, so book change of name adverts and change of place adverts in a very short time. ReleaseMyAd also offers you both an online as well as the offline method for the payment transaction. We also have online booking tutorials and discount Change Nae (2)packages coupled with sample ads to make your job easier. What must be kept in mind is that the ad must be booked at least 2 days before the intended date of publication.

Name change is already a huge decision for any human being, so it is our responsibility to make the aftertaste of it as sweet as possible for you. Not only are you spared the horror of physically going to the ad agency to book your ad, but you can do online as well as at reasonable rates with proper guidelines. So hurry up and book your place change ad via ReleaseMyAd as soon as possible and see your efforts come to ascertained fruition.