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Property on Sale Advertising with Times Property
Put your Property on Sale with Times Property

Times Property is the most popular Real Estate supplement in India. Being a part of the Times group of publications, the pullout has a massive circulation across India. The Times of India is among the most widely read newspapers across the capital of India as well, making Times Property one of the most preferred Real Estate pullouts of New Delhi. This popularity adds to the benefits of Times Property advertising in New Delhi since this is what condition the sales of a newspaper and influences advertisers to prefer Times property over other supplements.

For any Real Estate advertiser, it is essential to know about the medium through which they intend to advertise. Below is list of facts provided about Times Property, which will help you comprehend and analyze the supplement and the effects of advertising in it.

Facts about Times Property Supplement

  • It is a weekly Real Estate Pullout
  • It is published only on Saturdays
  • It enables you to publish only Display Advertisements
  • The readership of Times Property in Delhi is about 94 Lakhs every Saturday when it’s published
  • The minimum display ad size only for the Delhi edition of the TOI property supplement is 8 cm X 4 cm

These are some of the facts that an advertiser should be aware of before engaging in Times Property advertising in New Delhi. Being aware of these facts ensure that you can avail the right packages, rates and discounts for the adverts you intend to release.

One of the most important points of releasing an advertisement in Times Property is that it allows advertisers to publish only display advertisements which are measured in terms of their height and width in per sq. cm unit. It is comparatively easier for a display advertisement to grab the attention of the readers, since they can be published on any page, alongside an interesting article or may be an editorial.

In case of this ad format the deciding factor for the Times Property advertisement rates is the ad size and the page on which it is published. There are additional charges applicable for advertising on the Front, Back and Third page of the supplement along with the main newspaper.

Times Property Advertisement Page

At present, New Delhi and the rest of India is thriving on the Real Estate industry. For any industry to flourish and develop, advertising is of utmost importance and in case of property adverts, creating attention seeking ads may be a little tricky since, almost all builders or real estate project managers are presenting a creative with the image of a model Residential campus with similar taglines. In this race you must place your advertisement in a prominent position alongside creating catchy taglines and using attractive images.

For Instance, if you may have noticed, there are certain pages dedicated to a genre of write-ups. So if the Last page of the Times Property supplement, usually features articles on interior designing for your home, then it would be the most appropriate place to feature your ad if you can boast of well-planned and executed interiors of your Apartments on Sale.

Now you must know that what is the easiest way to find out the Times Property advertisement rates. Where can you get the best deals and combo offers for Display Times Property Advertising in New Delhi?

Well the answer is releaseMyAd!

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Finally you can either compose your ad with customizable design templates or upload your own ad design. To confirm, you just need to specify the ad release dates and clear the payment for the same through their online or offline modes, whichever seems convenient for you and Voila, your ad is ready for release.