How do releaseMyAd Customer Care Agents ensure complete Customer Satisfaction?


customer-service-at-releasemyadCustomer service plays a vital role to make a service oriented business, successful. Great customer service catalyses customer loyalty and retention which in turn contributes to the growth of any business. Companies or service providers that have satisfied their customers are much more likely to generate client loyalty which contributes to increase referrals. Exceptional customer service makes Service Providers apart from competitors as in the service industry word-of-mouth is a highly persuasive factor. Such publicity for service providing companies is almost as important as paid advertising.  Moreover, most customers do not give it a second thought to pay extra for additional services.

Jeff Bezos (CEO once said, “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better“. As an online classified Ad booking portal of India, origin-of-newspaper-advertisingexcellent-customer-service-effects

2. Minimum Response time – In today’s world of electronic relationship management tools, we intend to be really quick and prompt with our response time. Making sure of a minimum response time is the best way to show that we understand the customer’s sense of urgency, concerns and intend to make their experience a happy one with our service.

For instance, what do you think should be the Response time goal – within X hours? Setting one and achieving it is the primary task for all customer service executives. If an Ad is missed due to any problem, we ensure to find out the cause, respond and resolve, maximum within 24 hrs. Emails are certainly the fastest and most effective way to quickly notify the customers about the problem and our awareness of it. Frequent updates about lengthy & complicated issues with a brief overview of how we intend to prevent it from happening in future, enhances the customers’ confidence in our brand, services and customer relationship management programs.

3. Delivering Right Information– Information to customers play a vital role in any online Newspaper Ad booking agency for resolving customer grievances. There are many Newspaper Ads which require relevant documentation based on the Ad matter and section under which it is published and the ad may be rejected by the publication. Therefore, we try to inform our customers while or before they book the ad with us about the necessary documents via emails, FAQ section and the releaseMyAd Blog. It is also very important to educate the potential customers with the publication parameters on different kinds of Ad categories and ad types.

great-customer-service-deliveredFor example– Many customers are unaware of the Ad types when they try to book a Public Notice or a Tender Ad. Most of the publications in India accept Public Notice Ads in Display Ad and Classified Display Ad formats rather than text ad types.  Similarly, few newspapers accept Change of Name ads in Text format only. Hence, it is very important to provide complete information to the customers in every Ad booking step to ensure that they can successfully book their ads online.

4. Customer’s Need – If we happen to falter in successfully delivering the services that we intend to and end up getting complaints from customers, we just keep our patience and listen. It sounds simple, but it’s often not as easy as it seems. Often customers feel the need to vent their dissatisfaction with a product or service before even considering a proactive solution. Here, the CCE should acknowledge the customer’s emotional state and should be considerate and patient. Displaying genuine empathy may not imply ownership of the problem but it does calm the angry party.  Another key communication style involves asking open-ended questions that involve the customer. This technique will not only divert their focus from the dissatisfaction but also generate copious information about the problem at hand and help us arrive at an appropriate solution.

5. Be a deadline guru– Making an effort to keep deadlines shows respect to the customers and their expectations. There are many ads which often need to be rescheduled due to deadline issues from the publication’s end. In such situations we need to ensure that the rescheduled dates for the ads are notified to the customer well in advance and it should not be delayed again. As customers don’t want any botheration after booking their ads and they need results as soon as possible. If a deadline and rescheduled ad won’t be possible to publish then, it is better to give a heads up to the customer and provide them an alternative date.customer-services-at-releaseMyAd

6. Services Offered with Details – We should make sure that the customers are aware and understand the policies, terms & conditions about returns, refunds, discounts and deadlines before they opt or pay for our services. As mentioned before, educating the customers is important. While booking an Ad, they should know all the details about the type of service with its benefits. Such detailed information is possible to provide via online content where each point is clearly mentioned about the ad booking policies and procedures. Hence releaseMyAd provides an online portal with complete details on our website with quality and informative content.

Great customer satisfaction includes being open and available to discuss problems, being a good listener, and following up with the customers. One amazing benefit is that when customer service is good, you’ll feel good in return. This will naturally draw a flow of new customers.

Author’s Bio: This article has been composed by the newest member of the Customer Care team of Debjyoti Chakraborty. He has been a fresh contributor to the Customer Service team of our organization since the past 2 months and 15 days. Within such a short time-span he has managed to contribute to the releaseMyAd blog. We appreciate his efforts and are thankful for his contribution.