How do Education Institutes Target Students in Delhi to Increase Admissions?


education-in-old-daysEducation in India has come a long way since its commencement in the early Vedic ages. From a small conglomeration of students under the Banyan Tree, it grew into the Gurukul system, then came in the modern classroom system and now it has transformed into a full-fledged Industry.

Schools, colleges, professional institutes, coaching classes and every other Education establishment is focused on how to fill up the seats in their institutes. Promoting their Institutes is a part and parcel of providing education in the respective fields along with drawing maximum profit from it.

Problem Faced By Education Advertisers in Delhi

Education is something that no one says “no” to in India and Delhi is considered to be one of the most preferred education destinations for aspiring as well as existing students.


Yet with growing competition in the industry, it has become essential for educationists to advertise themselves.


  • Universities and other Education institutes face a lot of competition from each other in terms of acquiring students.
  • Education institutes can be of different types and statures which directly affects the budget invested in their advertising campaigns.
  • Also, readers often suffer from biased decisions when it comes to choosing the right Education Institute for their progeny. They intend to admit their children in only well-known and reputed institutes with high cut-off marks.

These issues are faced by many institutes while trying to provide a platform for all kinds of students, which makes it essential to come up with a solution for such educationists.

Solutions for Education Advertisers in Delhi

  • At first it becomes essential to gain a trustworthy  means of advertising and the most trustworthy ad mediums in India is a Newspaper
  • Next, you must associate yourself with a trusted newspaper brand in your target region.
  • For advertisers in Delhi, there is a simple solution for Newspaper Advertising –Hindustan Times and the next best option is Times of India.


About Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times is considered to be the most widely read newspaper across Delhi and even NCR (National Capital Region) which includes Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad etc. It has a readership of 22.09 lakhs in Delhi/NCR alone of a total of 37.67 lakhs.

Also HT is the first-choice of most educated and opulent classes across the city and the country. These are the most important target audiences for most Education Advertisers in the target region. It has been voted the number one English daily of Delhi, time and again, making it the best choice for advertisers like you.

Based on your budget you can choose to advertise either in the Classified Section or the Display Section of the newspaper as per your choice. You can even choose the Classified Display Ad Type, which refers to a Display ad with images, logos, content etc. but is published in the classified section. It also has certain size limitations, unlike display ads and can’t be published on any page.

You can take a look at the Hindustan Times Education Ad Rates page for your reference and get a fair idea of the rates and packages that are available under this section. To know the rates for classified display ads, you must choose the ad type as Display Classified.

For display Education ads, you have two options:

1)      You can release your Display ad in the main HT paper on your preferred page and simply proceed by selecting the edition

2)     The other option for display advertisers is to broadcast their ad in HT Education, which is the special education pullout of Hindustan Times

About Times of India

The next best option for promoting your education centres is Times of India. It is the next best option for newspaper advertisers in Delhi. It has a readership of about 21.34 lakhs in Delhi/NCR and is preferred by different kinds of readers.

Times of India has a larger circulation than Hindustan Times, even though the readership of the latter is higher. TOI is also one of the most widely read and circulated newspapers of the country. For budget advertisers, Advertising in Times Classified is an excellent option, which also covers the Display Classified Ad Type.


While Display Advertisers for Times of India also have two options to publish their education ads, as listed below:

1)      In the main paper of TOI, you can place your Display ads on any page at the best rates

2)     Times of India also offers a separate supplement for Education advertisers only, namely Education Times, which is released every Monday along with the main newspaper

Advertising in these elite and widely read newspapers increases the visibility as well as credibility of your Institute, Coaching centre, college, tutorial and school. Whether it’s the launch of a new centre/ branch or announcing an admissions notice, you can publish anything related to Education and be assured of maximum relevant responses for your ad.

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