How can SMEs benefit from Newspaper Advertising?

Benefits of Newspaper Advertising for SMEs

Everyone likes to play safe and to tread on a secure path even in case of advertising, more often than not advertisers have chosen to promote themselves through newspaper advertising, which is the safest path to reach out to a significant audience. Many advertisers have confessed that in spite of having access to other advertising mediums, they first wanted to see the reactions and responses their brand receives from the newspaper readers.

Classified Advertising in Newspapers for SMEs

The Small and medium enterprises, commonly known as SMEs, of India, can benefit a great deal from Newspaper Advertising. For start-ups or advertisers with a limited budget, Newspaper beats several other mediums. To know how SMEs can benefit from newspaper advertising it is essential to take a look at the limitations they have to consider while advertising:

  • Budget-One of the most crucial limitations that SMEs face is of having a low budget allocation to advertising
  • Resource Allocation-They cannot employ too many resources for taking care of advertising initiatives as the Operations may suffer as a result
  • Time Management-Lack of time is another constraint since the management has to invest their energy and time to multiple things at once
  • Selective Reach- SMEs usually have very specific and selective need for reach which is why spending too much on national promotions is barely viable to them
Newspaper Display Advertising for SMEs

Depending on these limitations, which are quite major deciding factors, small and medium firms have to proceed with their advertising campaigns. Newspaper Advertising is among the very few media platforms which take care of all these limitations:

  • Solves Budget Issues-Newspaper Advertising is not as expensive when the advertiser enters into a contract with the publication. Ads that are run many times on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis benefit much more in terms of enjoying lucrative packages than those which are run just once
  • Helps Save Resources-In small and medium-sized firms, employees are limited but the workload is quite high and due to this issue, they invest minimum resources in advertising. Publications and even authorised online booking agents, help save this problem by assisting them design and plan their ads at very low or no charges at all
  • Helps Manage Time-Newspaper Advertising does not need you to plan the ad release months or even weeks before the intended dates of release. Newspaper Ads can be published in any newspaper within days. This advantage helps save the time invested in pointless negotiations and meetings to plan the release of the ad.
  • Assists in Reaching Specific Audience- National Newspapers typically have many editions for different cities, covering specific areas. Regional newspapers reach out to specific cities and regions in the respective regional languages as well as in English. This enables you to save money on irrelevant advertising and ensures significant audience responses within a short time span

Newspaper as a medium for advertising is a complete platform. The effectiveness creates, increases by leaps and bounds when combined with other mediums, preferably radio and the Internet for low budgets or Television for higher budgets. Advertising across multiple mediums is bound to yield considerable results in the first attempt itself. So pick newspaper advertising first to lead you on to your future successful advertising ventures. Couple other media platforms with Newspapers to launch a full-proof ad campaign within your budget.