Different Formats for Radio Programmes

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Like television and print media, radios also broadcast programmes of different categories. If you think of the shows that you have listened to on radios, film songs, cricket commentaries, talk shows, discussions, news, etc. are some of the categories that you will remember at once. Isn’t it? These different types and categories of programmes that are broadcasted on radios are called formats.

There are lots of factors based on which the radio formats are selected before approaching the masses. Some of these determinants include:

  • Number of people

  • Number of men and women – gender ratio

  • Number of educated and uneducated people

  • Language spoken in that area

  • Power supply

  • Health conditions of the people and amenities available

  • Main occupation, and many more factors

Making a specific study based on the above parameters makes it easier for the radio stations to broadcast programmes that could entertain people and also be useful for them. Whichever radio format you listen to, there are three ingredients that constitute it.

  • Spoken word or Human voice: Announcements, Radio Talk, Radio Interviews, Radio Discussions, Radio documentaries and features, Radio Drama, Commentaries, News, Radio Magazines that may include chat shows, music, reviews, etc.

  • Music:  Radio is all about music. Starting from signature tunes to radio plays, everything in a radio programme is its music. Classical music is widely used in radio stations of India. It includes Hindustani classical, Carnatic classical and Western classical. In addition, vocal and instrumental musical pieces are also used vastly. Instrumental music genres include string like sitar and sarod, wind like flutes and shehnai, and percussion like drum.

  • Sound effects: Sound can be considered as one of the most important radio formats as it is the only parameter that can take the audiences to whatever place the programmes want to take them to. In fact, this is the element that helps in evoking interest within the listeners. Only sound in a radio can enable the audiences to differentiate between the expressions being used in a programme or advertisement.

With the advancement in technology, it has been found that radio formats have also been developed technically. The IT based radio formats include the following:

  • Phone-in Programme: In recent times, the phone-in programmes are of great importance. With the help of this format, listener and presenter get a chance to talk and interact with each other. This conversation is heard by every listener who is tuned in to that particular station.

  • Radio Bridge: This radio format allows one radio station to connect with the other at any other location around the world. Any famous figure in Chennai could be connected to the station you are listening to and the common man or presenter proceeds with the conversation.

  • Radio Internet: Radio stations operate using internet modems. This is the type of format that has gained immense momentum in recent times because of the extensive usage of computer and internet for various purposes.

Being an advertiser, you must know about the types of radio formats before airing your ad in any programme. What you want is ultimately profit, which you may not get until you are aware of the effectiveness of particular types of radio formats.

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